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Obama Administration

“The political and commercial morals of the United States are not merely food for laughter, they are an entire banquet.” — Mark Twain

I like to check in with British news sources like The Guardian and The Financial Times because sometimes they actually do a smarter job of figuring us out than we do.  FT content is behind a subscription firewall, alas, but sometimes I get lucky and find a usable link.

Anyway, because we’re all burned out, or at least I am, and to lighten the mood, see how well you do on this Pub Quiz created by the Brits at FT. I only got a couple of them right.

I’ll add some more questions. Eventually I’ll put the answers in a comment.

1. Which Republican candidate said “Net neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet”?

(a) Ted Cruz (b) Ben Carson (c) Rand Paul (d) Carly Fiorina

2. Bonus: What the hell does “Obamacare for the Internet” even mean?

3. At one point Jeb Bush was criticized for saying “Look, stuff happens.” What was he referring to?

(a) Global warming (b) Gun violence (c) That his brother George endorsed him (d) That his mother didn’t

4. Ben Carson recently was un-appointed from Trump’s vice president search committee. According to rumors reported at The Daily Beast, this was because …

(a) He nominated himself. (b) He nominated Sarah Palin. (c) He nominated Jesus. (d) He was vetting candidates by examining “the fruit salad of their life.”

Your turn.

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  1. Doug  •  May 23, 2016 @10:58 pm

    Can I use Google?

  2. maha  •  May 24, 2016 @7:09 am

    Doug — Okay, but don’t tell anybody. 😉

  3. c u n d gulag  •  May 24, 2016 @8:43 am

    Kolor me ignant!

  4. joanr16  •  May 24, 2016 @8:43 am

    As usual, I’m just going to guess or make stuff up:

    1. (a); 2. It means the speaker needs an ESL class; 3. (e) The invasion of Iraq; 4. (c) (because Jesus rides a dinosaur, how cool is that?).

  5. maha  •  May 24, 2016 @10:11 am

    joan — your answer for #2 is better than mine, which was “who the hell knows?”

  6. c u n d gulag  •  May 24, 2016 @1:25 pm

    Donald is bringing his knowledge and savvy to figure out how Hillary killed Vince Foster.
    I’m not kidding.

  7. Swami  •  May 24, 2016 @2:15 pm

    I don’t know exactly what #2 means…but I know its bad.

  8. goatherd  •  May 24, 2016 @6:12 pm

    I’ll have to ask for your indulgence. This really pertains to the topic addressed a few posts ago about managed democracy.

    When we have a victory in the area of social justice, we feel a brief period of reward. But, as we all suspect, that may be a distraction. The tokens we win may only be those that the opposition really has no regard for. We win an inch in social justice and lose a yard in the regulation of the financial industry. They play us for fools, but under these circumstances, there are far worse things to be. They have divided us and kept us divided to distract us from the real issues. I save my watch as my wallet goes missing. But, at least I know what time it is.

    This is from Samantha Bee. My respect for her is growing. This is an interview she did.

  9. Ed  •  May 24, 2016 @7:23 pm

    I thought Ben Carson shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

  10. Doug  •  May 24, 2016 @9:04 pm

    One – Ted Cruz.

    Two – Obamacare and Net Neutrality have the same insidious objective of preventing price gouging and unrestricted monopolies while guaranteeing access to essential services.

    Three – The ‘Stuff happens’ comment happened after the states of Florida and Texas disowned him and disavowed any knowledge of his candidacy.

    Four – Ben Carson was notified via his tinfoil hat that there was a job opening in Egypt managing an oddly-shaped grain silo. He promptly quit his advisory job with the Trump campaign who has yet to notice his absence. Don’t tell.

  11. maha  •  May 24, 2016 @9:30 pm

    Everybody’s answers are correct.

  12. moonbat  •  May 24, 2016 @10:12 pm

    I love Samantha Bee.

    On the LA Times comment board, some are in agony over the dismal choice between the Trumpster versus HRC, who one wag called “Lady Medici”. I think it fits.

  13. Doug  •  May 24, 2016 @10:35 pm

    Interesting article about Miss Bad Perm.

    The democrats may be concerned about Trumps rise in the polls and the threat of Sanders people to sit out the election. The ‘healing’ between the two camps is of utmost importance. Clinton will win the primary but some concessions must be made. Id the head of DWS the price of peace between the democratic rivals?

    If Clinton & Obama were to publicly throw Schultz under the bus, that would satisfy much of the frustration of the Sanders contingent. This public spectacle, though calloused and bloodthirsty isn’t unlikely – neither Clinton nor Obama has much love for Schultz.

  14. moonbat  •  May 24, 2016 @10:52 pm

    Tremendous interview, thanks @goatherd!

  15. goatherd  •  May 25, 2016 @8:21 am

    I am off to an undisclosed location. I hope Dick Cheney won’t be there.

    I am starting to like Samantha Bee a lot. My only exposure is a video or two a day from youtube, but that’s just about the right amount. I think she has the wit and intelligence to fill the void left by Jon Stewart. I like her concerns and sensibilities, too.

  16. Doug  •  May 25, 2016 @7:11 pm

    Well, I finally got notification from my travel agent. My summer vacation will be in tropical Miami. My tour guide selected FDC Miami, which is an ‘Administrative’ facility. Bureau of Prisons says this class of prisons are –

    institutions with special missions, such as the detention of pretrial offenders; the treatment of inmates with serious or chronic medical problems; or the containment of extremely dangerous, violent, or escape-prone inmates.

    My guess is that they researched for the most gyrocopter-proof institution in the entire South. I’m one district over from FL-23 so I may be able to hear DWS scream in August when Tim Canova defeats her. That’s the bright side.

    Anyhow, that’s on the agenda for next month – I will be around for 3 weeks.

  17. maha  •  May 25, 2016 @9:17 pm

    Oh, Doug, that sounds dreary.

  18. Doug  •  May 25, 2016 @10:17 pm

    Yeah, Maha – My travel agent really sucks.

  19. c u n d gulag  •  May 25, 2016 @10:22 pm

    Oh, so sorry Doug!

    This is beyond suckatation!!!