Startling New Revelation About Al Gore


So a guy on my Facebook friend’s list posted that Hillary Clinton’s problems in the polls have “everything to do with gender. One only need to look at the false equivalency and over reactions to anything Clinton and the blindness towards Trump’s criminal activity.”

But if you’ve been paying attention these past, oh, 36 years, the false equivalency thing has been going on since the Carter-Reagan contest in 1980. The Dem candidate gets picked apart; the GOP candidate gets a pass.

This reached a peak during the Bush II years. In 2000 Al Gore got slammed for random things like misstating the cost of dog food. Remember when the talking point on Gore was that he was a “serial liar”? Meanwhile Bush had some major ugly things in his background as a businessman and as a governor that got overlooked.

Gore also was called out because of his fashion sense — too many earth tones. Remember that one?

So I’ve come to a startling conclusion: Al Gore is a woman. And maybe John Kerry is, too.

Another Al Gore related tidbit — this weekend I ran into a wingnut making fun of Al Gore’s environmental predictions. Gore had predicted that global climate change would be causing flooding on the coastlines by now. Ha, ha, the wingnut said.

But, dude — global climate change IS causing flooding on the coastlines now.

The wingnuts won’t recognize truth until they’re underwater in boiling seas, I’m afraid.

Also — I’m thinking about live blogging the debate tonight. Anyone interested?

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  1. Doug  •  Sep 26, 2016 @2:58 pm

    I’m hoping HRC will be serving BBQ Trump tonight. The spin is already on, but the reality may be too catastrophic for the usual damage control crew to handle.

    Save me a seat.

  2. anthony.afterwit  •  Sep 26, 2016 @4:09 pm

    Definitely LIVE blog! No doubt your readers will appreciate it.

  3. LongHairedWeirdo  •  Sep 26, 2016 @4:33 pm

    You know, I don’t think I could liveblog the debates. If Hillary doesn’t filet him quick, I’m going to be too nervous

    I want to believe – I know a lot of earlier Trump supporters found themselves realizing that, wow, Trump’s not irreverent and obscure – he’s obnoxious and dumb. I believe that the debates will make that national. I think he’ll mess up, I think Hillary won’t. And I think he might mess up in a way that it’s not recoverable.

    But damn.

    This is such a goddamned *farce*.

    And it shows so many of the problems with the GOP recently.

    They’ve been so nasty to Hillary they can’t say “she’s far more competent than our chosen leader”.

    They’ve parroted so much BS that they can’t denounce a BS artist.

    They’ve held together over so many charlie-foxtrot situations that there are only cracks, not breaks, in the ranks now.

  4. Swami  •  Sep 26, 2016 @5:51 pm

    I think Lester Holt has already been neutered by Trump. I know it’s not the ideal way to engage in a debate if you have a message you want to get out but, Hillary is going to have to take the fight to Trump and pin him down on his lies and bullshit. To see an aggressive Hillary put Trump in his place just might be the ticket she needs to show she’s got what it takes to handle that big obnoxious bag of shit. I hope she chews him up and spits him out. Not standing flat footed and opened jawed like Jeb Bush and the rest of the clowns in the primary debates who didn’t know how deal with Trump.. Trump’s language modus operandi and style is well documented and I would assume that Hillary’s handlers and debate coaches would know how she can punch some serious holes in his facade.
    Draw out his ignorance and require him to explain his negative criticisms. To say something is a disaster and not explain why in some detail is not an acceptable’s a shield for ignorance or stupidity.

  5. c u n d gulag  •  Sep 26, 2016 @6:14 pm

    Cows have tits,
    So do bulls

    Female humans have tits.
    So do males.

    Only one sex knows how to use them..
    ‘Nuff said…..

  6. Stella  •  Sep 26, 2016 @6:50 pm

    As a non-tv person, live-logging is just what I was hoping for. I suppose I could watch online, but I took a vow to not spend a moment of my time in the company of that disgusting man.

    If y’all will let me eavesdrop on what’s going on, I’ll be grateful.

  7. Swami  •  Sep 26, 2016 @7:35 pm

    Did I happen to mention that Trump is a big bag of shit? Just in case I didn’t..You can believe me, he is!