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Don’t Lose Hope

Trump Maladministration

I have to say the Trump Maladministration is every bit as awful as I thought it would be. Keep this in mind, however:

We hear people constantly saying ‘Nothing will change his supporters’ minds. They’re with him no matter what.’ First of all this is enervating defeatism which is demoralizing and loserish. But it also misses the point. It is factually wrong. For the supporters those people have in mind, they’re right. They’re true believers, authoritarians who are energized by Trump’s destructive behavior. But there are not that many of those people. A big chunk of Trump’s voters voted for him in spite of their dislike. Those people can be carved away.

This cannot be emphasized enough. Not everyone who voted for Trump is a neonazi Klan sympathizer. Some of them were just foolish. Frankly, some of them probably would have voted for the Democrat had the nominee not been Hillary Clinton.

Gallup’s Daily Tracking Approval poll has Trump at 43 percent. How low can he go?

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