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Stuff to Read

Trump Maladministration

Busy day today, but here’s some stuff to read to keep you busy.

Trump vexed by challenges, scale of government

“Being president is harder than Donald Trump thought, according to aides and allies who say that he’s growing increasingly frustrated with the challenges of running the massive federal bureaucracy.”

A Welcome Setback for Donald Trump

“Americans severely misjudged the authoritarians,” Umair Haque, a consultant and social-media maven, commented on Twitter on Saturday night. “But the authoritarians, it seems, also severely misjudged Americans.” Yes, they did, and this weekend’s events offered a bit of hope to everybody alarmed by Donald Trump. Saving America from the most unhinged and least qualified figure ever to occupy the Oval Office may well require a long and bitter fight. But a couple of early markers have been put down. The new President is not beyond the law. And many Americans will not stand by quietly as he traduces their country’s values, threatens its democracy, and destroys its reputation around the world.”

Paul Krugman: When the Fire Comes

Krugman is anticipating the apocalypse.

Roger Cohen: Am I Imagining This?

I want to respond to this one eventually, but he’s saying that journalists are actually being rattled by Trump’s “fake news” charges.

Well, that should keep you busy ….

Here’s another one:

Trump Tried to Intimidate Judges Over His Ban, and He Failed

“I don’t know about the Ninth Circuit, but I don’t see five Justices on the current Supreme Court who’d want to save Trump’s bacon after he has explicitly threatened the entire judicial branch.”

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