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Trump Maladministration

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  1. bernie  •  Jun 11, 2017 @9:51 pm

    It is those damn Ruskie hackers trying to cover for their new male slave.

  2. uncledad  •  Jun 12, 2017 @10:51 am
  3. Swami  •  Jun 12, 2017 @10:41 pm

    Here enjoy watching a public boot licking session..I haven’t seen such a public praise and adoration session directed at a leader since Saddam Hussein finished naming conspirators against him who were removed for execution at a governmental assembly. The ones who survived the naming couldn’t get their praise out fast enough. I think the North Korean fat boy with the crazy hairdo also had a similar praise session.
    I mean, really…Priebus was thanking Trump for his tender mercies and abundant blessings.. Yo no soy digno!

    Personally I’d rather suck shit through a straw than to grovel for that bag of shit.

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