The Hillary Victory Fund: Vindication

Trump Maladministration

Or, how Donna Brazile (of all people) threw Hillary Clinton under the bus …

Remember all those blog posts I wrote about the Hillary Victory Fund last year? And how it amounted to Hillary Clinton’s buying the DNC? I genuinely felt like a voice howling in the wilderness, as hardly anyone else but a Politico reporter and Matt Taibbi connected the same dots I was connecting.

Well, folks, Donna Brazile of all people has written a book that spills the beans and throws Hillary and her Victory Fund under the bus, to mix clichés. There’s an excerpt at Politico that corroborates all the stuff I wrote about the Hillary Victory Fund last year and how it amounted to Hillary Clinton buying the DNC, and the nomination. Please read the whole thing.

Update: See also Abigail Tracy at Vanity Fair.

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  1. Jay  •  Nov 2, 2017 @12:47 pm

    I wondered why all this seemed so familiar. I read it here last year.

  2. Kevin Hayden  •  Nov 2, 2017 @2:29 pm

    1) I still think the biggest culprit is the Citizens United decision. It puts pressure to move money around to bypass individual spending limits.

    2) The biggest fix the DNC needs is to  keep superdelegates from committing till after the last primary.  It helps alleviate the DNC hand on the scale.

    3) The Senate and House should fund their candidates. The DNC's focus, as before, should be on running the convention and helping the nominee get elected.  Up till the convention, its focus should be helping states get their candidates funding.

    4) Obama gets free passes all the time because of the cult of personality that  voters get into. I gave up the delusion that voting for presidents was voting for saints after 1972.

    I feel pretty certain that Clinton, Wasserman Schulz and Brazile won't be playing significant roles going forward. So I'm not interested now in resurrections  or crucifixions. I just want some damn wine from the water at my next meal.

  3. donna  •  Nov 2, 2017 @2:32 pm

    Sweetie, you were not howling in the wilderness. We heard you. The DNC attempted to gaslight us just as Hillary attempted, with $1.2 bil to brainwash the masses into believing that her presidency was inevitable. Ever tried to fight the Mafia? 


  4. Doug  •  Nov 2, 2017 @3:29 pm

    A collective exclamation from the democratic establishment – "Gambling – in Rick's lounge!"

  5. Doug  •  Nov 2, 2017 @5:48 pm

    Tulsi Gabbard  called DWS and HRC out for the actions of the DNC. (I know – I'm talking in acronyms.) She did it while Bernie was in the race and she resigned her seat with the DNC before she threw her support behind Bernie. Donna Brazille waited until DWS and HRC are disgraced figures and then she picks sides. I'm not arguing that what DB says is false, but she's awful late in the race finding a conscience.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Tulsi going forward – lots of things I don't know about her, but she's showed character in taking a position before the outcome was known. DB can't make that claim.

  6. c u n d gulag out, replace him  •  Nov 2, 2017 @7:53 pm

    Well, you sure got THAT one right, maha – among many others over the years!

  7. freetofu  •  Nov 2, 2017 @11:29 pm

    Yes, I immediately remembered your post when I heard about this.

  8. Swami  •  Nov 3, 2017 @2:40 am

    I heard you out there howling, Maha. Hillary's victory fund was the biggest obstacle I had to overcome to cast my vote for Hillary. I had given up over forty years as a registered independent to vote in the democratic primary in the hopes that my voice could be heard in an honest nominating process. I came away from that primary experience asking myself..why fucking bother?  The process is corrupted  and I'm just another stooge forced into voting for Hillary in the general because Trump was the only alternative if I wanted to feel like I had a real choice.


  9. uncledad  •  Nov 3, 2017 @12:51 pm

    I'm not sure what this accomplishes now, the election is long over? Brazile's stepping on Hillary's neck now, (especially when the Trumpers are using her as a decoy (uranium one, steel dossier) to distract from the Russia-Corruption) seems like it only helps the tea-tards? Josh Marshall has an interesting take on it:

  10. NoPublic  •  Nov 3, 2017 @1:00 pm

    Sure, because what we need on the left right now is more infighting.
    Do you want Trump again? Because *this* is how you get Trump again (and again and…)

  11. maha  •  Nov 3, 2017 @2:41 pm

    NoPublic: No, dude. Letting loser neoliberal candidates like Clinton dominate the party is what gets us Trump again and again.

  12. KC  •  Nov 3, 2017 @9:59 pm

    And now the MOU has been released (probably by the Clinton camp) and it shows . . . well . . . it looks like DB is cashing in and needs to do some explaining.