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Mobs and Mobsters

Trump Maladministration

Following up the “Many Standards of Anger” post — one of the Creature’s new tag lines is “Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.” As for the latter charge, let’s review —

See “Republican presidents flunk the economy: 11 reasons why America does worse under the GOP.” Of course, y’all know this stuff.

As for the second

The Miami-Dade Republican Party’s County Chairman led an angry mob of partisans, alongside the local leader of national hate group the Proud Boys, in an attack on a Democratic campaign office this week.

Miami GOP Chairman Nelson Diaz planned the event (image below) and local Congressman Carlos Curbelo publicized the protest heavily, before and after.

No big surprise there, either. See also,

A group of hecklers angrily confronted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during a campaign stop for a congressional hopeful in South Florida, cursing at her and calling her a communist in a moment that was captured on video.

It was yet another incident that stoked fears that the country’s bitter and emotional political environment is at risk of leading to violence.

Pelosi has her flaws, but if she’s a communist I’m Brad Pitt. Anyway, these two reports may be of the same incident, although it’s not clear.

We’re hearing more news stories about people like Mitch McConnell being harassed in restaurants.  I’m having a hard time working up much sympathy for McConnell. Anyone who has done as much damage to the United States as McConnell has should not be able to show his face in public without consequences. But I also suspect that if people are becoming more aggressive it’s because they feel powerless. The political system is utterly corrupted; nothing works as it should. Time for the torches and pitchforks.

And it’s especially rich that the Creature, who literally patterns himself after mob bosses, should complain about mobs.

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