Another Bleeping Florida Recount!

Trump Maladministration

Hold the phone (do people still say that?) — the margins in both the senate and gubernatorial elections in Florida have narrowed into recount territory. The senate race is especially close. Rick Scott is screaming foul.

Standing on the steps of the Governor’s Mansion, Mr. Scott announced on Thursday night that his Senate campaign had sued the Democratic elections supervisors of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. He then asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which he helps oversee as governor, to investigate them.

Scott also said,

“Late Tuesday night our win was projected about 57,000 votes. By Wednesday morning that lead dropped to 38,000 votes. By Wednesday evening, it was around 30,000 votes. This morning, it was around 21,000. Now, it is 15,000” Gov. Rick Scott said.

Yes, because it takes longer for urban areas to count all the votes. The rural precincts are the first to turn their totals in. Duh.

It looks like there will be a recount in the Georgia governor’s race also. Fingers crossed.

There are a number of House seats still undecided. The Democratic majority is not threatened; it might get bigger. Also,

The Arizona Senate race is also up in the air. There, Republican Martha McSally has a lead of some 15,000 votes over Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, but some 600,000 mail-in ballots have yet to be counted, a process that could take a week or more to complete.

Finally, the special election for a Senate seat in Mississippi goes to an automatic runoff between the top two finishers, Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith, who was appointed to the position, and Democrat Mike Espy. That will take place on Nov. 27.

In brief, the fat lady ain’t sung yet.

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  1. csm  •  Nov 9, 2018 @1:14 pm

    As of this morning, Sinema leads by 9600 votes.  She may yet pull it out.

    Dems need to keep in mind the GOP not only will cheat, but in many cases it's the only way they can win.  And don't be cowed by their bluster about stopping the vote counts.

  2. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 9, 2018 @1:34 pm

    Oh, the fat lady is singing alright.

    And that's why all on the right want her to sit down and STFU.

    But that song is the first one in a long opera.

    And all on the right know that if she keeps singing, the opera will end in death.

    The death of their party.

    Do you hear the initial death rattle?

    Scott, Kemp, and DeSantis hear it!  tRUMP hears it too, but he doesn't care about the GOP:  Only himself.  Unfortunately for him, he's intertwined with the party.  'Til death do them ALL!




  3. Lynne Larson  •  Nov 9, 2018 @2:43 pm

    Not accepting my comment.


  4. maha  •  Nov 9, 2018 @3:56 pm

    Lynne — There’s nothing caught in the filters.

  5. moonbat  •  Nov 9, 2018 @4:39 pm

    Best comment I read today (in connection to Trump's new AG):

    "Forget it, Jake. It's MAGAtown".

  6. Lynne Larson  •  Nov 9, 2018 @5:02 pm

    Trying again: Scott could have chosen to send experienced observers, but has instead opted for the aggressive move of law enforcement, which is going to slow the count, due to end Saturday. It's fairly obvious to me that that is indeed his goal, rather than to establish fairness. Broward County, where my children and grandchildren live, has had these operational problems for at least 20 years, since before the hanging chad of memory. The system needs to be overhauled, but that doesn't mean there is fraud. The fact that ALL votes must be counted just doesn't seem to be too important to Voldemort, Rubio and all the other little finger puppets of 45.


  7. uncledad  •  Nov 9, 2018 @5:14 pm

    Lynne: "The fact that ALL votes must be counted just doesn't seem to be too important to Voldemort, Rubio and all the other little finger puppets of 45"

    Oh come on, the repugs let the brown folk vote (some of them anyway) it don't mean they have to actually count those votes!

    The older I get the more this country seems like a goddamn banana republic?


  8. Bardi  •  Nov 9, 2018 @10:23 pm

    Not to mention the mail-in ballots held up in Opa-Locka.