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friday, december 12, 2003

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thursday, december 11, 2003

Great Minds Thinking Alike
I just came across this Jimmy Breslin essay about what makes a presidential candidate electable.
I value Alice Krakauer's opinion. "I judge a candidate on poetry and juice," she was saying as we walked the street.

"He actually has to write poetry?"

"No, it has to be in his speaking."

"And what is juice?"


"And that's all?"

"I hate to say it, it sounds so awful, but the guy with the most sexual charisma wins. Bush looks real good in jeans. He's hot. Then he opens his mouth. That makes it impossible." [Jimmy Breslin, "Passionate View of Politicians," New York Newsday, December 9, 2003]

Read Breslin, then click here and read the first essay, "Electability and the Masculine Mystique."  The "M" factor cannot be ignored.

Very, very roughly, you've got about a third of likely voters who consider themselves to be Democrats and another third who consider themselves to be Republicans. These people will vote with their party. The election is won or lost with the "independent" third.

Some people in this last third are genuinely independent thinkers. But mostly they are independent because they don't think and don't know a dadblamed thing about what is going on.

(In my experience, the more knowledgable a person is about politics and current events, the more likely it is he or she aligns himself with a party.)

These "independents" are reached only on a subconsious level. Because the Republicans are better at propaganda -- using imagery and buzzwords to make Bush look like a hero and any Democrat to look like a wimp -- the Republicans have an edge with the independent voters.

That's why policy ideas are not enough. You can talk about policy all day long with these people. Then the Republicans trot out and wave a flag and a Bible, and the Chickenhawk in Chief plants himself in front of an American flag and talks about "resolve," and the Pugs win.

And this, in a nutshell, is why Clark would be stronger in the general election than Dean or anybody else. Standing next to Clark, Bush is the wimp. 

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wednesday, december 10, 2003

First, I want to say something nice about my web host, Interland. This morning I couldn't log on to make updates to the site, so I alerted tech services through their site. And lo, a couple of hours later a techie from Interland called me to apologize for the problem.
Web hosts I've used in the past (Tripod; FortuneCity) took days just to acknowledge there WAS a problem. So I'm impressed.
Anyway, I'm chasing after some personal matters and also feeling a little burned out, so I haven't been writing as much on the blog this week. I've got the series I wrote for Open Source Politics all together on this page, and if you haven't read it, please drop by.
Regarding the Gore endorsement of Howard Dean -- I like Howard Dean and I think he'd make a good President. But for a lot of gut-level reasons (explained as best I can here) I worry that his candidacy will sink like a stone in February when there are primaries around the nation, not just in New Hampshire. I could be wrong. But I wish people would keep their pants on about endorsements and climbing on bandwagons until February. Then we'll have some indication if Dean can sell himself in the Midwest and South.
I didn't watch much of the debate last night. I understand Ted Koppel was unusually obnoxious. Sigh.

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tuesday, december 9, 2003

Clark Fading?

I worked out an average of four most recent polls of likely Dem voters (Associated Press, Pew Research, Ipsis-Reid Cook, and CNN Time) and these are the results: 

Dean 16.75
Clark 14.25
Gephardt 11.5
Lieberman 11.25
Kerry 9.5
Edwards 5.25
Sharpton 4.25
Braun 3.75
Kucinich 2.5

Not sure 21

I post this because I keep running into people who say that Clark is fading or that his campaign hasn't caught fire. But, nationally, only three percentage points separate him from front-runner Dean.

You can find the polls at

These polls were all done before the Gore endorsement of Dean. A big deal, certainly, but I don't think it will shake up the race all that much. I predict the endorsement will give Dean a little bump, which will come mostly out of Lieberman.

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monday, december 8, 2003

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sunday, december 7, 2003

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Good luck.


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