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August 29
Partial Transcript, Abrams Report, April 5, 2005



In my wanderings about the web I keep running into such crud as the graphic at right. So, what the hell -- let's make an exhibit of the worst of the Worst.


Articles to avoid:
By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
There is an admirable strength about President Bush which surfaces every time a crisis looms. It's part of his character. It appears as if he does not have "to work at it." It’s there.

To whom do we thank? No doubt his gene pool. But more importantly, his faith.

His faith is simple, as a child’s, just as the Word encourages each believer to deliver. So it is that the most powerful position in the world is held by a humble man who acknowledges his total dependence upon God. In like commitment is his wife, Laura.

Therefore, with such a marriage team in prayer, in faith, in Christian action, we are most fortunate as a nation. Surely the unbelievers deride. That is expected and has been forecast by our Spiritual Leader two thousand years ago. Consequently, when derision comes, it’s not a surprise. If it doesn’t come, that’s cause for surprise. Read remainder, if you dare...

I don't know what your problem is, Grant, but these days I'm sure they've got pills for it.


Real men vote Republican.

Republicans have seldom shied from an embrace of manliness. The New York Times recently ran a report on the new Bush re-election headquarters. It explained that the offices display two large photos: one of President Bush "sweating and looking rugged in a T-shirt and cowboy hat"; another of Ronald Reagan "also looking rugged in a cowboy hat." And all this was before Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to run for governor of California. Yup, that's the Republican Party.

Of course, George W. Bush is famous for his "compassionate conservatism." He is capable of great tenderness of expression, much of it related, no doubt, to his triumph over alcohol and his religious awakening. But Bush as hombre has been the dominant theme of his post-September 11 presidency. [Can you stand to read any more? Click here ...]

Thanks to Curt T.

Bush's Vision

Diana West

... Whenever it was exactly, the pressure was mounting on the president to "moderate"; to falter; to pull back to a supposedly safer, more sensible position. Only he didn't. So my brother was moved to note, somewhat dramatically but strictly on the level: "All that stands between us and the abyss is George W. Bush."
    This took me aback at first, the notion that such a man — any man — could stave off the frightening chaos of the void, metaphoric or not. But there's something about Mr. Bush, something we had little reason to expect on electing him, that is singular: namely, his seemingly unshakeable determination to do what it takes to defeat global terrorism inspired by 21st-century-jihad against the West.
    People say his mettle comes of strong faith; a doctor-friend of mine wonders whether his is the stubborn steel of the successfully reformed alcoholic. Whatever fuses his backbone, the fact is, George W. Bush gets it: Freedom is under assault, and it is left to the United States and its few true allies to do what it takes to defend it. ... [If you click here to read the rest, at least keep some Pepto-Bismol handy]


Music to Barf By

Bush Will Be Reelected
by Grant Swank
United States President George W. Bush will be re-elected. It is a given.

President Bush is the only world leader who's begun an all-out war against global terrorism. That's been the underlying thesis of his speeches regarding America’s place in the community of nations.

Therefore, no matter the economy, health issues, education and so forth, terrorism will be the major issue. It has to be; not that the free world desires it but because militants are intent on killing themselves and all others. That’s the prevalent evil presence on this Earth. It's not temporary. It's not sporadic. It's not confined to one area.

President Bush has defined the planetary situation as it really is. Others have waffled to prior decades when the world was more secure, when global tremors were not all-consuming. But those others will gradually be silenced by reality itself.

President Bush has not compromised his analysis of present-tense. He can’t. It is how he sizes up the state of things. His team members are on that same page.

Consequently, because President Bush and Company have grounded themselves in the truth of what is, American public will come to grapple with this variable so as to re-elect the man who saw the light long before many, many others. [Can you take any more of this?]
Of Grant Swank it can be truly said -- the boy ain't right.

Click here for the
"Big as life, and twice as natural!"
Warning: May be contraindicated for persons with certain medical conditions. 

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