‘Twas the Night Before Fitzmas

Via Judd of Think Progress–indictments tomorrow?

: This is interesting …

Prosecutors investigating the leak of a CIA agent’s identity returned their attention to powerful White House advisor Karl Rove on Tuesday, questioning a former West Wing colleague about contacts Rove had with reporters in the days leading to the outing of a covert CIA officer.

Special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald also dispatched FBI agents to comb the CIA officer’s residential neighborhood in Washington, asking neighbors again whether they were aware — before her name appeared in a syndicated column — that the agent, Valerie Plame, worked for the CIA.

This suggests to me that Fitzgerald is going for something more than obstruction of justice charges.

Update update
: Just posted at the New York Times — Richard Stevenson and Anne Kornblut write that today Patrick Fitzgerald was still looking into what Karl Rove may have told reporters.

Three days before the grand jury in the case expires and with the White House in a state of high anxiety, the special counsel, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, appeared still to be trying to determine whether Mr. Rove had been fully forthcoming about his contacts with Matthew Cooper of Time magazine and Robert D. Novak, the syndicated columnist, in July 2003, they said. …

…Mr. Fitzgerald, who is the United States attorney in Chicago, spent the day in Washington and summoned his team, including his chief F.B.I. investigator, Jack Eckenrode, for what appeared to be a final round of discussions about how to proceed.

2 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Fitzmas

  1. That update seems bizarre at this stage of the game. I read online that target letters had been delivered to prospective indictees(?)and that sealed indictments would be delivered to court tomorrow. As I understand it,a sealed indictment allows the target to bargain with the prosecutor before the indictment is unsealed, so maybe Fitzgerald is just beating the bush to flush out any spoofed game.

    In any event, I’m praying that the good ship Bush takes a devastating hit below the waterline and no amount of damage control can save her or her crew of evildoers.

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