I think I have turned off the must-register-to-comment feature. Somebody please comment and let me know if this worked!

26 thoughts on “Comments

  1. I gave the registration bogus information anyway, sort of like the the bogus 2000 death milestone that Michelle Malkin was whining about. Oh and,now we have a 2004 bogus death count as of yesterday.

  2. It worked, Barbara. And btw, I think your new design is terrific. I’m glad you have a blogroll now (or several blogrolls, actually!).

  3. Bravo! Clear sailing – no problems! (Not something, our old friend Chimperor Disgustus can say.).

  4. Yay! Maha, the new site is spiffy. Glad you were able to ditch the comments registration, as I was firewalled off while here at work….

  5. I registered…….I think! [am new to computer stuff…just today figured out what btw means in one of those eureka moments]. Sure do like your site, Maha.

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