Not So Wild About Harry

The Washington Post reports that Harriet Miers just withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court. So much for counting on November 7 hearings to distract the public from Traitorgate indictments.

Of course, if Bush wants a distraction, the next nominee will be somebody really outrageous.

Update: On reflection, would it have been smarter for the White House to hold off on this announcement until ten minutes after any Fitzgerald announcement? I guess that depends on whatever it is that Fitzgerald announces …

4 thoughts on “Not So Wild About Harry

  1. Meirs was never more that repug political game. She gave the msm something to talk about besides Fitz’s indicitments.
    I’m ready for the second best person to be nonminated by bush. It’s going to be a real wingnut devoid of all morals.

  2. My daughter was just talking about this. Harriet was disapproved of because she once gave a speech praising female autonomy. Well how could a woman get to the level of say a john roberts without ever being autonomous? Is coulter autonomous?

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