Adventures in RightieWorld II

In what was either an innocent glitch or a prank pulled by a techie somewhere in the employee labyrinth of CNN, yesterday an X flashed onscreen over the face of Dick Cheney while he was speaking at the American Enterprise Institute.

Whereupon the entire Right Blogosphere erupted in hysteria.

You can find links at Memeorandum. Top executives at CNN deliberately slammed the Vice President! With an X that lasted 2 frames or 1/15th of a second! And a subliminal message that reads, Transition begins after 5 frames of black.

“Transition begins.” Hmm, clearly a reference to either an act of terrorism or an armed takeover of Congress by Jack Murtha. “After 5 frames of black” obviously is secret code to let the cells of leftie Bush haters know when to strike.

Righties: I’m kidding.

One rightie blogger proclaimed that CNN has just driven another nail into the MSM coffin. And he’s not kidding. “[T]his ought to convince a lot of holdouts that traditional, ostensibly objective media sources are increasingly unreliable and agenda-driven,” he says.

No wonder you can’t have a rational converstion with these people. They’re nuts.

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6 thoughts on “Adventures in RightieWorld II

  1. Harry Shearer links to this post at TVNewser, in which people who actually know how live TV is transmitted to your home explain what probably happened. I don’t quite understand the jargon, but I think in plain English they’re saying that the X helps set a color level and/or a time cue for an upcoming graphic (an animated CNN logo, I suppose). Makes sense to me.

  2. one thing we all forget about the msm, they are owned by corporations with stockholders. they are only concerned about the bottom line. i think all the outlets except fox, maybe seeing the writing on the wall. they are testing the waters, putting out a little more against bush. chris matthews giving a lecture at the univ of toronto slamming bush. they will put something out there like this and wait for the reaction. and then a little more and closer to home.

    now fox is something else, they are so wedded to their base, there is not place to go. so when we own the wh and congress in 2008 and if everyone will keep there pants zipped, legs closed and pants up, we should be okay. sex is all the right wing has to critisize.

  3. FOX always has Natalie Holloway to fall back on.Poor Greta, money can’t buy you love, but if you throw enough money at the right surgeon long enough, it might by you pretty. A six figure salary doesn’t hurt either

  4. RATS

    During the 2000 campaign the RNC ran those ads with Al Gore and the word Rats deliberately inserted by RNC staff.

    See Harpers Bazaar archives for more detail

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