5 thoughts on “No Pardons for These Turkeys!

  1. I’ll have to get out my bird indentification book to check, but I think you posted pictures of two vultures.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. ‘Turkey day’ is a Mus-Com-Lib term that denigrates our Holy Pilgrim Fathers by pretending that the holiday is all about eating turkey, instead of a celebration of religious intolerance and genocide!

  3. Whatever….Happy Holy Pilgrim fathers day while you celibrate religious intolerance and genocide.Have a nice day.And for heavens’ sake, don’t drink and drive.
    What is a mus-com-lib? If’n I’m a -usin their terms, I ought to know who they are.

  4. All assets seized…due to nature of illegal disbursements of taxpayer monies to friends and cronies, assets of same to be seized…perp walk, cross country and public, spitting permited…life, and then artificially extended life, at hard labor at demeaning and humiliating labor.
    *sigh*if justice were fair that is….

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