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I’m not doing predictions, except to endorse these. But of course there has to be an official 2006 Mahablog I Ching Reading! If you are curious, the I Ching Reading for 2005 was Hexagram 3, Retrenchment. The judgment: Nothing should be undertaken. Get help. The I Ching is never wrong.

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The first casting of the I Ching this year came up with Hexagram 58, Joy. The judgment: The Joyous. Success. Perseverance is favorable. The overall image of the hexagram is of two lakes nestled together, and friends coming together for “discussion and practice.”

There are two changing lines:

Nine in the second place means:
Sincere joyousness. Good fortune.
Remorse disappears.

Six in the third place means:
Coming joyousness. Misfortune.

The second place says that success will come from sincerity. The third place line is a warning against self-indulgence. Falling into hubris and triumphalism, for example, could lead to mistakes and regret.

The changing lines form a second hexagram, 49, Revolution (also translated as “Molting”). The judgment:

Revolution. On your own day
You are believed.
Supreme success,
Furthering through perseverance.
Remorse disappears.

The image of the hexagram is of a fire burning within a lake. “Thus the superior man sets the calendar in order and makes the seasons clear.”

Some I Ching readers don’t pay much attention to second hexagrams, but in this case the two hexagrams seem to complement each other. The changing lines:

Six in the second place means:
When one’s own day comes, one may create revolution.
Starting brings good fortune. No blame.

Nine in the third place means:
Starting brings misfortune.
Perseverance brings danger.
When talk of revolution has gone the rounds three times,
One may commit himself,
And men will believe him.

Here the second line suggests the change won’t happen right away; it will take some time. The third line warns that one’s position is perilous, and contemplated changes must be fully discussed. Acting recklessly or violently will bring about evil results. One must act only with caution and due deliberation.

So, looks like 2006 will be a good year for sincere perseverence and lots of discussion. Discussion is what I’m here for.

7 thoughts on “The I Ching Speaks

  1. It seems we’ve been persevering for five years. I’m tired of persevering. It seems we have too many forces against us; e.g., the very non-liberal MSM, the rightwing sound machine, which seems to outshout the reasonable people, a lazy electorate, etc.

  2. Carol, in Explorer and Firefox go to the View menu at the top, then click on “text size” and follow directions for increasing.

  3. I know some fans of maha’s blog aren’t into any of this divination stuff, which is cool. I suspect if we weren’t all skeptics in one way or another, we’d vote Republican. But I can’t scoff, as an erstwhile Tarot reader.

    My interpretation of maha’s I Ching results would be a landslide for anti-Bush candidates in the midterm elections. And a long, hard slog to impeachment.

    Yes, I know, I’m a silly optimist.

  4. Joyous success?…Would that mean Bush gets his wings clipped? Maybe a Karl Rove indictment? I know!.. Tom Delay gets his eagerly anticipated day in court to claim his vindication.

  5. Top Ten News Stories of 2006!

    8 )Cheney’s Image tarnished by Cannibalism, Necrophilia Disclosures

    5) President Bush Murders Ten Children In Front of Reporters on White House Lawn
    Impeachment rumors dismissed

    3) Saudi Terrorists Destroy Sears Tower, State Department, Wall Street
    Vowing Justice, Bush Invades Venezuela

    2) Rapture Occurs.
    Christian Theologists in Turmoil as Hindus, Buddhists, and Homosexuals Ascend to Heaven

    And here it is folks, the Number One News Story of 2006…

    1) Natalie Holloway Still Missing!

    I thought this was a hoot.

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