Let the Games Begin

The GOP defensive strategy in the Abramoff case seems to be “Dems did it too.” It’s not much, but it’s all Wizbang and Hugh Hewitt could come up with. When cornered, righties will either fall back on “Dems” (or “Clinton”) “did it too,” or else feign boredom. (Yawn. So Washington is corrupt. Who cares?) Sure enough, Hugh Hewitt seems to be cultivating righteous indifference in this post.

But the ReddHedd says Abramoff did not give money to Democrats. Expect the Right Blogosphere to become mightily bored with this story.

5 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin

  1. You guess if any reporter has the nerve to ask Bush about abramoff( the bushies got100,000 according to NPR), you guess bush will say” Didn’t he give money to the Ann Richard’s campaign?” and no one will ask again?

  2. Once again, “Let them eat cake”
    “The blade will soon fall”
    The neo Jacobeans about to do the perp walk
    You gotta know a bunch of rotten politicians are shittin’ razor blades tonight.
    Semper ubi sub ubi!!

  3. You need Jesus, take a deep breath and ask the Lord to come into your heart. These feeling an reflections you have are destructive and sad. Let’s pray Lord, I lift the sickness in this woan up to you, take her into your arems and provide a covering for Barbara. she needs you Jesus. Help her. In Jesus precious name. Now Barbara you ask the Lord to come into your heart, go ahead.

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