Knock Knock

Righties are congenitally unable to recognize and appreciate satire, but judging by the reactions to this, some lefties don’t get it, either.

Update: To those of you who, so far, aren’t getting the point: The “jokes” aren’t jokes. They aren’t supposed to be funny. Humor is not the point.

Update update: This, on the other hand, is genuinely amusing.

6 thoughts on “Knock Knock

  1. Some jokes are not funny regardless of subject matter. Some tasteless jokes are very funny. Some jokes are just clumsy attempts to fit humor to a situation. These jokes seem to fit one or more of these. Btu that’s just my take, I mean dead baby jokes weren’t as funny after I had my own little girl…

  2. Humor is a normalizing activity, a way to marginalize ways of thinking that you don’t share and emotionally herd listeners into your belief system. A “sense of humor” isn’t neutral, however much the dominant group tries to marginalize dissent by accusing it of humor deficit — the same jokes about women and men will strike some people as hilarious when told about women and evidence of feminist “bitterness” when told about men. Or as funny bold refusal to be limited by political correctness when told about blacks, but as just not funny when told about whites.

    I’m with the commenter who found it strange that anyone should think abortion is a serious matter!!! No!! Is it really!!! Wow, I thought it was a tribal password to scream during elections!!! Luckily, if I work on appreciating these marvelously PC-free jokes long enough, I’ll learn that, of course, fetuses are persons. Unluckily, instead I’ll be over at Fafblog or the General’s place reading stuff I really do find funny.

  3. They weren’t supposed to be funny. The “jokes” are a parody of right-wing humor, and a dark and damning parody, at that.

    Sheesh. I guess either you get it, or you don’t.

  4. Glad to see you have discovered Defective Yeti. The guy can make you cry with laughter. Check out his archives where he feeds his little boy baby carrots.

    OK, I’m sick, but some of those “NOT jokes” are funny. I do have my standards such as jokes about Hitler, but…wait, I don’t think I do have standards.

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