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  1. It’ s depressing to read the noble ideas of our founding fathers and view them in contrast to the sham being perpetrated by Bush and his power grubbing minions. I really hope America stands up to stop Bush’s blatant attack on our freedoms.

    If my understanding is correct,Bush is argueing that as Commander-in-Chief in time of war he becomes the ultimate authority, and all law becomes subservient to his dictates. I think Bush is indulging in the supreme fantasy of power. He is a dangerous man who doesn’t have the constraint of reason. He needs to be stopped.

  2. That Bush comment about the “old law” lines right up with Rove’s speech the other day. Remember? Democrats are stuck with a pre-9/11 mentality?

    Standing up for the Constitution? questioning authority? checks and balances? Like uh, it’s SO, like, OLD!

  3. Thanks for teh link, Maha.

    President Bush and his administration obviously think that they can circumvent standing law at will – and they have no reservations about lying to the public after they do it.

    I ask you – who will stop Bush from doing this in the future if Justice Samuel Alito’s SCOTUS nomination is confirmed?

    It’s painfully obvious that they will deem any law on the books as “obsolete” any time they feel like it.

  4. It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express
    it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far
    corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe
    his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has
    prepared himself for the commission of every other crime. He takes up
    the trade of a priest for the sake of gain, and, in order to qualify
    himself for that trade, he begins with a perjury. Can we conceive
    anything more destructive to morality than this?

    Thomas Paine – The age of reason

    Paine wrote this in speaking of religion,but the concept applies 100% to Bush. Bush has crossed the threshold.

  5. Swami, I really appreciate your quote from Thomas Paine (I must read his books. I’m told that in his day, he had more readers percentage-wise, than the Super Bowl has viewers in our time. He is the model for all of us who wield the keyboard in the name of political change, as our country’s revolution would have been greatly hindered without him).

    I appreciate this because I have run into, and been frustrated by, the fucked-up minds of right wingers countless times. Where do you start with these people to straighten them out? How does the deprogramming begin?

    Many of them are such myopic twits that they wouldn’t know truth if it hit them over the head. They’re gullible children and will believe anything, if they think it keeps them safe.

    I know your post was about Bush’s mind, and the consequences of having such a sicko in power, but I’m thinking of the masses of idiots who follow him. It’s a national pathology worthy of some serious study with the end result being approaches sane people could take to reach the insane.

    When our country finally does hit bottom after years of Republican misrule, there’s going to be a need for some sort of twelve step program for these deluded idiots.

    Someone quoted Gore Vidal on another site recently wish I could give you the link), about how in a decadent society, language itself becomes decadent – used to disguise or deceive, rather than illuminate. It’s the product of the internal lying that Paine wrote about.

  6. Been sayin it for years: ‘this is not what my father fought for ‘ and ‘ not what my son just fought for either’.

  7. Yeah, Alyosha..I hear ya. Bonnie posted the Gore Vidal quote on the, “Why George Bush is President” thread( the one with our friend, John the angry American) :). It was very meaningful and on target

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