Pottymouths in PJs

This James Wolcott post is especially delicious, given my fondness (snark) for LGF — JW quotes a Los Angeles Magazine article by RJ Smith (not online) about why Pajamas Media is having trouble attracting advertisers —

Smith hones in on the primary dilemma facing PeePee Media: how to attract affluent, upscale advertisers who tend to shy away from rabid controversy to a blog mall where there are always ugly brawls breaking out near the coin fountain. Smith quotes Roger L. Simon claiming that racism, sexism, and other “stuff universally disliked” will not be verboten in their camp.

Smith: “He must have forgotten about Charles Johnson, whose Little Green Footballs believes all Muslims are terrorists until proven innocent. Slangy, clever, the site is a dysfunctional mix of beautiful photos Johnson takes on coastal bike rides and constitutionally protected hate speech.”

Smith excerpts a choice batch from a LGF hate rally in the comments section, adding drolly, “The screech you hear is the sound of a Lexus backing over a Nikon camera. Is there any corporation in the would that would pay to have its log slapped alongside such calls for slaughter?”

Tee hee.

Update: See also Tom Tomorrow.

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  1. I love Wolcott. Found him a few months ago via your blogroll and have been hooked ever since. His writing style is just deliciously amusing. Such a way with words he has – probably why he is a professional writer and all. 😉

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