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I’ve been invited to appear on C-SPAN tomorrow, live, on the Washington Journal program, beginning at 8 a.m. EST. I anticipate spending the rest of today hiding under furniture and muttering to myself. If I manage to pull myself together I may blog about something later.

Update: I understand I’m to appear by myself (and with the interviewer) and there will be call in questions. So please have your questions ready (suggestion: “What is your favorite color?”) and call, and be nice. Don’t let the righties bite me!

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  1. My first time. I am glad to see Mrs. O’Brien on CSPAN. It is mindnumbing how people say ” If we had known what we know
    now about 911…” , when there is such a plethora of information that they DID know, the PDB of 8-11-01, the memo from the Intelligence System warning about Bin Laden and imminent attacks, the Taliban blowing up Bhuddist Statues in the desert, and Bush spent the month of August chopping brush in Crawford ?!? It is sickening that we are so divided. I am a Republican conservative. What the Hell is Republican or Conservative about this administration? We are all Americans ( legal or otherwise )
    and I wish that the Congress would quit excluding members from conferences, the Administration would admit its mistakes, the Right would OPEN ITS MIND, and the Left would try to prevent alienation. What else can we do, who are basically Liberal, in that people should be free to be left alone, and not have Government ram their agenda down our throats without even following their own rules. I don’t know. If you agree with the Right, then you are OK, if not, then you are evil, what a State of affairs. The first time I called CSPAN Barry Goldwater was talking to a Common Cause representative, and I do not think that could happen now. Godbless you all, and may we all come together for the Common Good!

  2. Saw you on C Span, you wouldn’t happen to be Gerald Nadler’s sister would you? There is a tremendous resemblance with the big jowls. I found it fascinating that you are a middle aged, overweight woman, with a cantankerous cat. What an insight into what makes you so biased. I feel allowed to describe you this way since you feel it is allowed to call the NASA PAO a “little twerp” even though you don’t know him… as I don’t know you. I also feel empowered since I served over twenty years in the Army protecting your fat ass so you can spread your dribble on the internet. I suppose you believe 911 was our fault and that we need to “understand” the radical, fanatical lunatics.

  3. Good job on C-Span..

    If Republicans are going to stress security, then Democrats need to stress war and fear mongering.

    So Bush has to go back almost to 9/11 with a tip about a possible plot that could never have happened??

    I liked your comment about how Bush ignored the many warnings he had prior to 9/11.

    I like to say they got caught with their pants down or more correctly were Asleep at the switch..

    They were so embarrassed about 9/11 that they really went MACHO,, and it worked.

    Afghanistan was a fortunate success, so they felt “it would be easy to do Iraq”..

    Next they will “Do Iran” to take attention away from the Iraq failures.

    All we can do is keep the bright light on these cock roaches..

  4. Great interview! You and Mr. Lamb are national treasures! I certainly will follow your blog with gusto!!!

  5. Nope, C-Span is a national treasure. Mr.Lamb is a moderator. Just like Susan, Pedro, Steven, Brian etc. When you start to think that any Washington Journal moderator is “ON” your side, please do me a favor and turn off the television because you just don’t get it.

  6. Great job Maha…you gave it to them and didn’t back down one bit. Proud of you. Keep up the good work!

  7. Loved you on C-Span. I am a daily viewer. It’s the only place to see the real thing. I am enjoying your blog for the first time and will be a regular. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi,
    I’m from the same part of the country you came from. (40 mi. from Flat River, Mo.) I saw you on Washington Journal this morning and liked your attitude and thought you handled yourself well during the interview and phone calls. I’m new to blogging but I just had to tell you to continue getting the word out. I’m constantly amazed at the cruelty and just plain nasty name calling that we get from republicans now..not answers or meaningful dialogue..just plain ole TEMPER TANTRUMS.

  9. 40 mi. from Flat River, Mo.

    Wow, whereabouts? I’ve had family in Mo (mostly Fredericktown-Taum Sauk area) since before the Civil War, and my parents grew up in Esther and Elvins Mo, so I have deep roots there.

  10. Saw you on C-Span this AM. Good job! Even Brian seemed more at ease than usual. I’ll be watching your blog in the future. I liked very much what you had to say. Pay no attention to the kids who come on here only to insult. If they’re not getting paid, they’ll soon tire and go back to their X-Boxes.

  11. This morning on C-Span was the first time I had really heard of mahablog or of Ms. O’Brien. I have to tell you I was very impressed. You sounded fair and as objective as possible in today’s American ways partisanship and splits between political philosphies!

    As an old man and being a Texan I have never seen such divisions not only of party thinking but in hateful thinking between all factions. We seem to forget were citizens of the world first and Americans second and supporters of political philospy last!

    I felt that Ms. O’Brien showed restraint and spoke in a factual and analytical manner! As a Texan who lives where Conservatism Rules the logic of rational thinking from anyone with a liberal mind is like a horse with a broken leg they just shoot us!

    Bush was said to have brought people together however it denpends on who you are who saw his history that way. In truth he is not inclusive but a divider not only of ideology but of logic.

    Anyhow thanks for presenting your position as you did. To me I feel we just need to decide on what’s good for the nation rather than the party! And I agree Bush seems to be out of touch with not only the needs of the citizens of the United States but the world. Katrina and Iraq are good examples as well as this wonderful state of the econmy they proclaim to have zero inflation! Hmm wonder who buys his groceries, prescriptions, and gas ECT. ECT. ECT.?

    Again thanks I will be back to your site!


  12. Maha,
    Watched this morning on C-Span, excellent job. I thought you handled the callers well.
    Thanks for the site, I am just starting to read. I look forward to the conversations here.

    Blue in a red state.

  13. “40 mi. from Flat River, Mo.”

    Wow..I live in Fredericktown…my family has been here since it was called St. Michael’s Parish. I have lots of family in the Annapolis and Piedmont areas as well as here in this area and Farmington. What a small world 🙂
    BTW.. my Godfather’s name was O’Brian, first name John. He passed on a long time ago though. He used to own a liquor store on the court house sq. in F’town.

  14. As the world turns about its many ways and the GOP seems to see all things in a different light. Now is the time we must work to get others to speak to the opposition of our current leadership to show how they would do things differently and in an manner that would be good for all people of this nation and fiscally sound!

    Security is the issue of the day and Bush has showed his failings there but also if you look at the economy for the middle and poorer classes of our economy. Its must come to the reality of the all that without a sound method for all to take care of their families the economy will fail not only for the middle class and the poor but also it will reach up and touch the upper economic classes who make their living by what the poor classes spend for the goods they sell!

    Comment by David

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