Ann Coulter Unhinged

And they say liberals are unhinged … Max Blumenthal writes,

On Friday, February 10, the rock star of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was none other than Ann Coulter. Before an overflow crowd of at least 1000 young right-wing activists, Coulter took her brand of performance art to new heights. Afterwards, I caught up with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to ask him about Coulter’s characterization of Muslims as “ragheads.” Before I reveal his indignant response, here is a sampling of Coulter’s most memorable lines.

Coulter on Muslims:

“I think our motto should be post-9-11, ‘raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences.'” (This declaration prompted a boisterous ovation.)

Coulter on killing Bill Clinton:

(Responding to a question from a Catholic University student about her biggest moral or ethical dilemma) “There was one time I had a shot at Clinton. I thought ‘Ann, that’s not going to help your career.'” …

See also “Ann Coulter: ‘We Need Somebody to Put Rat Poisoning in Justice Stevens’ Creme Brulee” at Editor & Publisher.

Compare/contrast to moi. You can find a link to today’s C-SPAN Washington Journal on this page, under “Video/Audio.” I didn’t threaten to kill anybody, right?

Update: See also Digby. And see Jane for more examples of the evil liberal elitist media at work!

19 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Unhinged

  1. I just wanted to say thanks.
    I caught you on CSpan this morning, had never been to this blog before.- Because of you, my day started in a great mood.

    F the cockaroaches that are visiting you today.
    You rock! And so does Brian. He always know how to reach the dem base.

    Thanks Maha!

  2. You know just how good you are doing by the dirty grease you scrap up off the bottom of the pan…

    I reference those intellegent creatures who post such literate comments and arguments which are nothing more than 3rd grade name calling.

    Like those very few, I thought, who called you names on c-span today. (Usually there are many more callers who simply repeat the daily useless spin or the name to call the liberals for the day.) You did excellent I thought and I watch it every day now, and have for years.

    Really kept your cool and answered every question calmly and balanced.

    Great blog you have here… happy to have found it.


  3. Re: “Comment by Curto”

    Hey Maha! any chance you can add spell Check on here? Curto would appreciate it!

    “You are the reason men fuck sheep.”

    I wouldn’t speak on everyone’s behalf here Curto, I don’t think even die hard Bush fan would join you in the field, maybe try to limit it to “You are the reason I fuck sheep.”

    The witty commentary on abortion was to the point and well written as well, but the blog entry was about “Ann Coulter Unhinged” you should have saved that statement for when she actually makes a blog entry on abortion, then you could have really Slammed her! but I’m afraid you’ve shown your hand to early here and she will probably have a prepared response ready for you when the subject comes up.

  4. Barbara, I saw you on C-Span and thought you did a good, thoughtful job in replying to the wingnuts who called in. Please keep up the good work. If we didn’t have blogs like yours and the other progressive blogs, the fascists would never be challenged.

    And I say fascists deliberately, because that’s precisely the kind of people who are running the government of the United States now.

    They have wingnuts in the Supreme Court, they have wingnuts in a majority in both houses of congress, and they’ve got the White House. To hear them angrily complain each day, you’d think they were all in some pathetic minority, unable to get their “message” (LIES, mostly) out there.

    Nobody has yet explained to me how it’s possible that a solid 42 percent of the American electorate sincerely believe George Bush is a great leader, and a good manager, and is actually keeping America safe. They have to ignore all the lies, spin, illegality that appear each and every day to the point where you think you’re in a crazy nightmare.

    But anyway. Please don’t let up. Keep bloggin’, and don’t let the bastards wear you down.

    John Palcewski

  5. just watched your cspan washington journal appearance. good job! well spoken. I’ll be checking your blog often.

    thanks for the bit of saneness

  6. Curto is deleted and twit-filtered, even though he did serve as a good example of how righties are genteel and thoughtful, as opposed to us emotional lefties with our reprobate minds and all.

  7. Glad Curto got deleted… was pretty unpleasant to click on a site known for thoughtfulness and have to step over a pile of stinking dung left by an ‘inbred’. I have been on other sites where that sort of depravity is not stopped…… on those sites, any potential civil discussion gets drowned in the chronic diarrhea of those like Curto whose systems cannot digest adult ‘food-for-thought’.

    Anyone else notice an underlying theme in rightwingsville rantings lately? There seems to be a concerted voice given publicity to purposefully sully those who symbolize some aspect of the greatness of American heritage and heroism: Murtha, Coretta King and her colleagues, Obama [who spoke of ‘our better angels’]–just got ‘trashed’ in the past week.

  8. February 11, 2006 – Coretta Scott King Funeral
    Posted by Anonymous
    C-SPAN Archives will re-air the
    Feb 11, 2006
    8 pm est

    C-SPAN is one of the strongest tools for Civics and the Community.

    C-SPAN is dialogue, discourse, debate, Democracy.

    The Mahablog segment on C-SPAN is a perfect example of the potential C-SPAN has.

    The C-SPAN paradigm is what sets it apart.
    Unedited, undefiled information.

    They report, We decide!

  9. Would you expect Ann Coulter fans to react any differently than they have on this blog? It’s made her rich but I don’t believe it’ll gain the lower life forms that relate to her a dime. Coulter can’t be taken serious, we would’nt want her fans on the common sense side of politics anyhow. The people that are lead around by Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have way to low of an IQ to be part of the Democrat party………..personally……..I’m glad the Republicans have them.

  10. Once again,,the Radical RWer’s Blonde,Adams-Appled stick has exposed the true HATRED that lurks just beneath the Skin of the RW.

    What has Anne Coulter ever done for America?,,,,,just a arrogrant,,smug stick who thinks Joe McCarthy was a hero in America…..That should tell you something.

    Rather then deal with the REAL Issues of America today,,,,,Coulter’s HATE consumes her/him.

    America needs REAL Leadership not more Divisive BS to divide Americans even more. Democrats do have the Answers to many of the Problems facing our Country today,,,,but ofcourse RWer’s refuse to listen or just dismiss what ever anyone says so their Misguided Love Fest with Bush can continue.

    I suggest people read the Proposals Presented by Sen Evan Bayh on his “Tough and Smart” National Security Strategy. It is concise,,well thought out, Realistic and Does not yield one bit to the Republicans on National Security.

    We have Serious problems in America now,,,we need Serious Leaders to deal with those problems,,,,,,NO More waving a Flag and calling it Patriotism or using FEAR tactics to keep Americans so afraid they just going along rather then open their eyes to the Poor Management of our Homeland Security and Foreign Policy.

    Fear does nothing to Move American’s Forward,,,it sucks the life out of our Country’s Soul. We deserve better our Country Deserves better.

  11. Bush said he would run America like a corporation,what is his corporate history,..DEBACLES. In his opinion he is doing just fine thank-ye. He has left train wrecks everywhere while he makes the bucks. America is just another notch in his bankruptcy portfolio.Speaking of bankruptcy ….117 members of congress have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least two businesses.If Ken Lay is convicted ,will Bush pardon him? How many crongressman own Haliburton stock? How many crongressman (all parties) have purchased Haliburton stock since 9–11? Is this a conflict of intrest,should profits be frozen.? Sam

  12. I saw you on CSPAN and loved the way you handled yourself. Especially when the guy said he served with W in Alabama. It was too funny!

    That aside, I will be visiting your blog often. Keep up the good work.



  13. Many thanks for the link Maha! As expected, you dun gud! Was a pleasure watching and listening to you. I’m still chuckling about the “democrats approach things emotionally ” exchange. One note though, you might have to install and configure Real Player in order to view it (I did). Well worth the minimal effort IMO and congratulations! Well done.

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