I’m Baaaaaack

Thank you everyone for the kind comments. To the couple of snarky commenters: You stink, too.

I am exhausted … didn’t sleep at all last night and eventually got up at 4 a.m. … so remembering what planet I was on was a major accomplishment. Now I hear they’re forcasting mondo snowfall tomorrow so I need to hit the grocery asap for the traditional pre-snowball milk-and-bread run. I’ll blog something later if my brain doesn’t totally shut down first.

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  1. Good work Barbara.
    I caught your C-Span interview this morning, I found you to be thoughtful and disarming.
    Shortly after 9A.M., I removed several “Carsons” from the cat litterbox and went off to do some chores.
    (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  2. Damned, missed it by __this much!!!
    C-Span had an interesting presentation to the U.S. house of Reps. regarding “Hubbards’ Peak” or Peak Oil.
    The internet has been buzzing about it for about 2 years, it hits the MSM yesterday. C-Span is doing some great things, maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning.

  3. I just wanted to say I thought you were excellent on C-Span this morning. As usual some of the callers tried to ruffle the feathers of a guest that did not sing Hail to the King.
    Wonderful answers.

  4. Caught the Cpan appearance this AM, and extend a hearty heartfilled THANKS for articulating the progressive position …FEW are able to express and unfortunately , those that do make the appearances are NOT able where the RIght has masterfully mastered the rhetorical techniques of spinning . It is frustrzating, caught the Truman quote on one of the 4sale items…and LOL, it articulates the Rove stance…(Carry the battle to THEM . Don’t let them bring it to you. Put Them on the defensive. And don’t ever apologize for anything”>>>exactly how the GOP /Rove/Bush folks do it !!! They DO stay right on message and send out the daily updated talking points…Just listen up to them, over and over they same tripe but it gets imbedded in mmindsets even when OUTRIGHT LIES AND WRONG INFO. They DO head OUT to attack first and put all the oppositionaries on the defensive from which rarely do the oppositionaries recover for the INBEDDED talk point has already been seared. In order to DEFEAT them and push them back and off and etc…The progressives and others wil have to get even BETTER at such a game. The present GOP is masterful in the art…gonna have to get MORE than masterful to get them subdued !!!)
    Catching the comments referring to 911 and the MISSED opportunities …How many remember that the FIRST WTC bombers were set to be sentenced that very day just blocks away there in mid Manhatten and how they had VOWED REVENGE for their capture and prosecution and loudly let it be known their would be retribution ?…Am amzaed that so few remember in the general mix of what WARNINGS were ignorred !! Am one who fully belives at this point there is far more we are NOT privvy to in regards to how 911 DID come about…Erry is the PNAC rerad where they state that in order to move the agenda forward, they NEEDED a NEW PEARL HARBOR event in which to “rally” the public around….This was written long befor 911 OCCURRED and need too to remember in regards to Afghanistan..In the spring of 2001, negotiations for a PIPELINE were breaking down as the Taliban wanted NO WESTERN on their “sacred ground” and were refusing permission..A line that came out of those negotiations ” A carpet of GOLD or a CARPET of BOMBS”…The Taliban turned to Osama for protection of sorts, sided with him as was thought aligned with their relgious thinking and of course, there came the CARPET OF BOMS to Afghanistan even thou the 911 perpers were SAUDI’s…and too, the pipeline WAS indeed installed , Osama not captured, nor has Afghanistan truly been “freed” other than in PR’d perceptions sold as if mission was accomplished there when a major NOT SO!!!

  5. Those of us who are long time fans always knew we were onto a good thing. It’s great to see your long-running efforts finally rewarded by boatloads of new people who just discovered you.

    You did us all proud! It was neat to see what you really look and sound like. I hope Brian was sincere when he mentioned having you on again.

  6. To #33 Backstabbing George W. Bush?? The Fake Compassionate Conservative?

    Are you kidding me? You want to know about Backstabbing? Backstabbing is when your Commander in Chief lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction and people die because of it!!

    Backstabbing is perpetrating a fraud to the American People by drafting energy policies in secret with energy companies!

    Backstabbing is having your NSA go on ‘Meet The Press’ claiming America should fear mushroom clouds!

    Backstabbing is having troops in Iraq fighing based on faulty cherry picked intelligence!!

    Backstabbing is exposing the identity of a CIA operative out of spite!

    Backstabbing is using fear to control the populace, because your policies are weak, insane, idiotic, reckless, arrogant and downright selfish!

    Backstabbing is authorizing NSA officials to wiretap American citizens (blatant violation of the 4th amendment) in the name of the war on Al Qata!

    Backstabbing is selecting King George W Bush as our Puppet in Chief! Long live President Dick Chaney!!

    Put down the Orwellian Kool-Aide!!!

  7. AM of the mind that what is not noticed , the TRUE majority in this country are NOT whacked ultra left nor righteously right..We the true majority come from all backgrounds, races, religions and political positions as well..we are far more balanced and centrist than given acknowledment for …for that matter we are rarely actually acknowledged and constantly get barraged with the utlra’s of spectrum , guess they provide better media ratings or some such but do this nation a vast disservice BIGTIME and thensome !!
    Heard the one caller have the audacity to proclaim HE had “served” with Bush in the Guard of yore, how Bush had flown his “missions” and even VOLUNTEER’d for NAM duty/blah/blah and will toss in a yeee-chk for even Bush himself has NEVER said he ever VOLUNTEER’d for Nam. You handle him quite graciously, myself would have ripped for sure with the nonsense he tried to present…Kudo’s fro mentioning that what a shame he had not surfaced long befor for to date, only a dental visit and one character who has semi recanted that he remembers Bush reading in a corner his flt manual have ever stepped forth. One would think a band of brothers of some sort or another would indeed have stepped forth…perhaps Bush not only flew, but fueled and did all his own mechanicals on his aircraft so he had no flt crew to be remember’d by…..Perhaps the caller could contact Dan Rather (sorry poor attempt at humor for actually figure Rather got ripped wrongly for that Guard story that NONE could actually dispute other than the paper “may” not have been the original. I find it appalling that the folks in uniform have to salute this character who in no way could ever perform the type of duty they are assigned and fulfill often with great sacrifice especially by those who lose life or limbs. Has recently been noted by an insider that indeed, the insiders were aware that the MAJORITY of the nation did NOT support the war prior to the first dropping of bombs..They have been able to exploit as supportings the fact that in part to make up for the Nam era where the military took a brunt of blaming and rejection due to that errant war, this time have gone almost to other extreme along with figuring that need to “support” the troops and therefore try NOT to disparage the job they are doing no matter how disagree with involvement that never should have occurred. We really do realize that Saddam was NOT the THREAT they PR’d perspectives in order to justify the invasion..He was contained anc oculd have remained contained at far less expense than what HAS been expended. Part of it had to do with the agenda that was to be implemented…The Saudi’s had given indication the US was to move off their sacred landscape –in order to appease those that declared it highly offensive to have such presence there. Iraq with the number two largest oil supply, weaken condition and etc…well , that was to serve as a showtime WARNING to ALL not to mess with the USA or suffer grave consequences of our mighty power plus allow us a place for a US footprint to keep a hand/foot in the region and of course that oil/etc. Well, it has turned out to be quite a showtime of shock and awe but not how they dreamed..the shock and awe is that the USA comes off as a weaken power not quite all that “capable” really and Iran and others, well THEY are indeed enjoying our quagmired situation as we continue to depleat our resources and even Osama could not imagine how we would crumble in the homeland , giving up those Constitutional “rights”…the ones they hate us for !!! Sad times indeed, scarey too for we have been witnessing the decimation of our nation and where we realized that all was not perfect…well this experiment in democracy of a nation BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE….well, not exactly suceeding more than too many realize these days and how will we EVER explain that to the children…Its their future we have messed up and thensome for sure!!!

  8. Thank you so much for your appearance on C-span this morning. I saw you on your repeat performance……I used to watch WJ a lot, but it, too, has become so right-wing, that I about gave up on it.

    I, like several previous posters, and YOU, am a Wes Clark supporter – since he entered the ’04 campaign. He’s been my #1 choice ever since, and I have no second choice.

    After meeting and talking with General Clark on 2 occasions, I find him to be completely honest and sincere, besides a true patriot, and I believe that our America would once again be the country we were before the BushCo came into power (and I do mean ‘power) with Wes Clark as our leader. He is a true proven winner and leader.

    Gotta plug his website: http://www.securingamerica.com for complete and truthful information.

    Keep up the good work, and I’m sure there will be more ‘Clarkies’ joining your Mahablog! I know I’ll check in….

  9. TO GIVE YOU A LAUGH….I KNOW IT IS NAUGHTY……REST WELL DURING THIS STORM of friendly messages and whirling snow!

    Brokeback Mountain Weekly Grocery Lists

    for Karl Rove and Jeff Gannon , Summer, 2006


    * Beans
    * Bacon
    * Coffee
    * Whiskey


    * Beans
    * Ham
    * Coffee
    * Whiskey


    * Beans al fresca
    * Thin-sliced Bacon
    * Hazelnut Coffee
    * Sky vodka & Tanqueray gin
    * K-Y gel


    * Beans en salade
    * Pancetta
    * Coffee (espresso grind)
    * 5-6 bottles best Chardonnay
    &n! bsp; * 2 tubes K-Y gel


    * Fresh Fava beans
    * Jasmine rice
    * Prosciutto, approx. 8 ounces, thinly sliced
    * Medallions of veal
    * Porcini mushrooms
    * 1/2 pint of heavy whipping cream
    * 1 Cub Scout uniform, size 42 long
    * 5-6 bottles French Bordeaux (Estate Reserve)
    * 1 extra large bottle Astro-glide


    * Yukon Gold potatoes
    * Heavy whipping cream
    * Asparagus (very thin)
    * Organic Eggs
    * Spanish Lemons
    * Gruyere cheese (well aged)
    * Crushed Walnuts
    * Arugula
    * Clarified Butter
    * Extra Virgin Olive oil
    * Pure Balsamic vinegar
    * 6 yards white silk organdy
    * 6 yards pale ivory taffeta
    * 3 Cases of Dom Perignon Masters Reserve
    * Large tin Crisco

  10. my shopping list is not intended to disparage anyone……just to give a smile……so if you are offended be assured I apologise….AHH…YOUNG LOVE…..basically always the same!

  11. Please add the following:
    1 lg bottle Hershy syrup
    5 cans whipped cream
    10 squeez bottles of orange blossom honey
    5 pks. AA batteries

  12. http://www.cspanjunkies.org/

    Let’s Define the Public Interest

    By Charles Benton and Jim Goodmon — Broadcasting & Cable, 3/21/2005


    Both Members of Congress and a majority of Federal Communications Commission members are calling for a clear definition of the public-interest obligations of digital- television broadcasters this year. These policymakers understand TV’s importance to our country, that it is much more than a toaster with pictures.

    Because of the speed and immediacy of television, broadcasters perform a public-forum function with immense power to influence public opinion and affect elections. TV is a window onto our world and a mirror of our society. It is our society’s primary source of information. And local news is used even more than national news by citizens.

    What we see and hear helps inform what we think and believe. Research shows that television points out not only what issues people should think about but also what to think about those issues—something no toaster has ever achieved.

  13. To: 108

    You libs are so funny, especially when you get mad 😉

    Yes, I’d rather drink wining kool-aid than whatever losers drink.

    Not to worry though… Al Gore and/or John Kerry may run again to give you another chance in 08 (who knows, maybe even Michael Moore will run for you), aside from the funniest candidate yet, Hillary (which will just be too much to watch)

    In the mesantime, I’m sure Jimmy Carter will continue to spread your message, while Howard Dean tries to beg, borrow and steal whatever he can to pay the bills to fund your fight.

    God Bless America!!!
    (and free speech)

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