Editorial in tomorrow’s New York Times:

We can’t think of a president who has gone to the American people more often than George W. Bush has to ask them to forget about things like democracy, judicial process and the balance of powers — and just trust him. We also can’t think of a president who has deserved that trust less. …

… Spin-as-usual is one thing. Striking at the civil liberties, due process and balance of powers that are the heart of American democracy is another.

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  1. Newsweek also had an interesting point by Alter. Mr. Bush said a few months ago that there were no violations of the 4th Amendment – there was always a warrant. Of course he knew he was tapping without a warrant.

    The Republican mantra now is spreading democracy – how can anyone in Kansas not like that? Truth is Bush wants to spead capitalism – because we are still in control of the money. He doesn’t like democracy much in South America or Palestine.

  2. Bad news overload.

    I can’t get off this topic. The media (so little of it is left) seems incapable of focusing on all these stories. I see the soft moon face of Carl Rove behind everything? I’m sure he isn’t but it looks like he is. The fact that he (Rove) still has a job shows what George really thinks about us working (taxpayers) folk. He could give two shits about what we think. The man has never vetoed one bill, never fired one cabinet official (Brownie’s job was lowered to sub-cabinet level), never admitted making one fucking mistake. Who in the hell does he think we are? He doesn’t care about people. Kanye West was right, he could of left off the black qualifier.

  3. Sorry about the profanity. Can you e-mail me about that seven dollar blog deal that you mentioned on Washington Journal Yesterday?

  4. OT, but you may have seen Jim Brady’s piece in WaPo re blogs. It annoyed the hell out of me so I sent him a post. I said his taking offense at vulgar language suggested he was unfamiliar with blogs, and that the MSM, in an attempt at balance, provides legitimacy to absurd positions with their “he said, she said” kind of coverage.

    Jim Brady wrote back:


    I’m not saying I have not heard dirty words before; we just don’t allow them on our site, and that’s been in our site policy for years. All we’re asking is that people follow our rules on our site. As I said in the article, I am well aware of the tone of many blogs, and it’s what makes a lot of them great reads. That’s just not the space we want to occupy.

    As for the media, you hit on a point a lot of people are making, and it’s an interesting one. The media still attempt to provide balance, and there are some who believe that is a weakness. I don’t agree with that myself, but certainly respect your position on that point.

    Jim Brady

  5. Never thought I’d see this at the top of one of your posts.

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    To uncledad…don’t worry. We all get outraged to the point of cursing incessantly.

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