3 thoughts on “IOKIYAR the Sequel

  1. After 40 years of using the Southern Strategy to attract white bigots from around the nation to their party, not surprisingly the Republican Party is full of bigots.

    Ken Mehlman apologized for the Southern Strategy last August, but the damage is done–how are they going to get rid of the white bigots and how are they going to replace the votes?

    The cultural fabric of the Republican Party has become imbued with the ideas and code words of white racists. I don’t think it’s going to change in my lifetime, don’t see how it could.

  2. As I said in a previous comment, the local once vocal Bush-supportive Republicans I know have lately gone very quiet….and I interpret that as shame and dismay on their parts.

    I think a significant number of common-citizen Republicans are hunting a way out of the carnival ‘hall of distorting mirrors’ that the national party territory has become.

    The opposition party should be about offering ‘exit’ signs, that is, offering clear common sense alternative rhetoric and policies.

    Many Republicans are quietly glancing about for those exit signs, having come to be thoroughly sickened by the carnival hall’s distortions like: ‘torture is American’ ….. ‘our president is above the law’ …… ‘ its ok to have lobbyists write legislation’ …….’its macho to insult and demonize others, even war heroes’…..

  3. I have noticed the same thing, Donna.
    The Bush/Cheney bumperstickers are getting more rare by the day.
    Too bad it took so long…

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