I Am Good

The Mahamobile (teal ’97 Nissan Sentra) is among the first cars dug out of the snow in the co-op parking lot! Which is a good thing, because the sun is out now and I anticipate a nice melt-freeze cycle.

The NY Times is saying a “record” amount of snow fell in Central Park — 26.9 inches. The previous record, 26.4 inches, dates from 1947.

However, I’m sure this isn’t the biggest snowfall I’ve seen since I’ve lived in the greater New York City metro area. I think the snow has just been missing Central Park.

7 thoughts on “I Am Good

  1. I’m new here, and was wondering if you have an opinion on John Boltons Nobel Peace Prize nomination.
    IMHO…its just another example of bizzaro world.

  2. maha, I truly AM impressed (w/ your snow-removal abilities, not anything at all regarding the nefarious John Bolton).

    Does the snow avoid Central Park for a reason?

  3. Does the snow avoid Central Park for a reason?

    Maybe it was afraid of being mugged.

    (Disclaimer: Central Park may be one of the safest urban parks in America and is much beloved by city dwellers.)

    Full disclosure: I had some help with the snow removal, but I did a lot of it myself.

  4. Dear Maja,
    I was five in 1947, living on West 47th St. in Brooklyn. Watched my father dig out his new 1946 Chevy from our second-floor apartment window. This time, in New Jersey, I dug my Subaru out yesterday.

    Take that, Dad!

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