Hate Speech and Its Consequences

James Wolcott provides a good follow up to my “Patriotism v. Hate Speech” post.

The incredible shrinking Dennis the Peasant lets loose with a thumping j’accuse against fellow conservatives who use their blogs as bonfire sites to promote hate speech, demonize Muslims, and cheerlead for the “Clash of Civilizations.” …

    “So… when I see people yucking it up over at Little Green Footballs over the deaths of 300+ religious pilgrims – innocent human beings whose crime was, evidently, that they weren’t Christians and just like us… and whose deaths are therefore something to gloat over – and Charles Johnson [maitre’d of Little Green Footballs and co-founder, with Roger L. Simon, of Pajamas Media] doesn’t think it appropriate or necessary to remove those comments and ban those people from his site, then I’ve got one mother of a problem on my hands. …

    Does anyone want to argue that a collective lack of knowledge of, and a persistent misunderstanding of, of the religion, culture, politics and history of the Middle East didn’t play a huge part in facilitating the success of al-Qaeda on September 11? And if our ignorance of the peoples, religion, history and politics played into the hands of Osama bin Laden and his followers, just how do the actions of ‘thought leading, tipping point’ bloggers like Charles Johnson and columnists like Ann Coulter help to rectify that situation? How does the mocking of the faith of over a billion souls serve our interests in winning the War on Terror? How does the dehumanization of those same billion souls make us stronger – either materially or morally – in the fight against al Qaeda?

    “Answer? They Don’t.

It’s Mahablog policy not to link to Little Green Footballs even when I refer to it, because the site and its followers are so viciously hateful. And also because of an episode a couple of years ago in which LGF faithful tried to shut The Mahablog down with comment spam. Needless to say, I’m not exactly a fan. But there is a link to LGF buried in the “hate speech” post. If you find it, it will take you to a post yukking it up over the death of peace activist Rachel Corrie. Mr. Corrie died when she was crushed by a bulldozer, an episode that inspired a regular festival of humor on the Right. The nice doggie, for example, christened her “St. Pancake” and regailed his readers with song lyric spoofs. (Note that the doggie has removed these items from his web site; thank goodness for google cache.)

Of course, in Rightie World, this doesn’t qualify as hate speech.

A few days ago when Michelle Malkin went on her cartoon jihad I suggested that just maybe goading Muslims into hating us more is not the best way to win hearts and minds in Iraq. Not too many righties put those pieces together, though.

I will have more to say on this later.

6 thoughts on “Hate Speech and Its Consequences

  1. Are the folks over at LGF, to put it kindly, “religious nutjobs”? For some reason Christian fundies have the sickest sense of “humor.” I’m thinking of every example from Fred Phelps to what has long passed for standup comedy in the fundieverse.

  2. I think we should give up on the hearts and minds concept.Somehow I feel it was created to deceive Americans into believing that that we’re the good guys and whatever horrors we perpetrate upon the Iraqi people is for their own good, if only they can see our goodness. It’s sick to think that love can be fathered by bombings and death..and all the other atrocities we’ve commited in Iraq.

  3. To avoid being hypocritical, I’ll call myself a sociopath. I’d love to see Bush, Cheney. Rumsfeld, Rice , Wolfowitz, Feith and several others suffer horribly with some catastrophic misfortune for the suffering they have caused to others. Maybe to some it sounds like hate speech, but to me it’s just vocalizing my desire for divine retribution.

    God bless them all —http://www.stoningtonct.com/current.px/talafar_cover.jpg

  4. …I truly thank you who have commented…It helps to read your comments to figure that I am not insane for keep wondering at times when hearing the hatefiled rhetoricals coming out the right mouths if somehow ‘moi” had missed the point somehwere along the way or was it really just “moi” in the wilderness and against the world…Find it difficult to figure they comprehend what they spew let alone truly, TRULY believe that schitte that they spout and then clamor how any who disagree are the ones with a major dysfunctional mind/spirit/bent and etc. Find them quite bizrre, but find it far more bizarro just how far they have indeed multiplied and somehow hold the power reins as well. Since fall 2000, really…things just so far out of whack and getting whackier and quite surreal and , did I mention BIZARRE /…..!!!

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