4 thoughts on “Dump Joe Lieberman

  1. Joe Gotta Go! I can’t stand Liberman; everytime I see his face, he just makes me disgusted. All he gives a damn about his being Senator. He panders! He’s the McCain of the Democrats.

    We’ve seen how McCain is now kissing up to the conservatives and religious crazies. His day has passed. He has been recycled and packaged too much.

  2. Joe is toast! Anyone in office better watch out. “The voters are coming the voters are coming”. Let’s get rid of ALL the courupt politicans, Dem and Rep. Their out of touch. Too bad we couldn’t sack fat cat Ted K while were at it. Bye Joe, don’t let the door hit you in the arse.

  3. joe l is a big dihonest slob who has to thrown out of all his positions in the senate get rid of this pius monster and throw him out of government

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