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  1. I was just watching TV and seeing the ambien ads- I ‘ve never seen a white house so dependent on sleep aids. I guess when you lie to the world, the people and yourself for over 5 years, rationalize killing and torture and spying and attacking women gays immigrants, you don’t sleep so well.

  2. I really enjoyed Keith Burris’ article – Thanks!

    I don’t know what keeps Bush going. This whole war and the mess that our country is in is just depressing. I don’t know how we are going to make it until this idiot gets out of office; it seems so damn far away.

  3. Link-O-rama,

    Wow pretty cool, reading our old rants. But unfortunately not fucking good enough. Maha I have been busy with my corporate earth eating job lately, but I do get a chance to look back at your site every few days, and I see not much about immigration? I would be interested in your take on this situation. Here’s mine. $40,000.00 fine and a felony conviction for any US taxpayer and or corporate employer/manager/CEO that does business in the USA and hires illegal workers. End of story. No need for a wall. No need for immigration storm troopers, no need for “minute men”, $40,000.00 fine and a felony conviction for hiring illegals will do just fine. What do you think?

  4. Britwit,

    Pull yourself up man. Don’t be a sniffling depressed liberal. Be a liberal that fucking believes in your cause. These “neoconsuperfratboys” are only a temporary distraction. “Blow up your TV, throw away your papers, move to the country, build you a home. Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches, they will all find “Jesus” on their own”

  5. Immigration….
    All those jobs that were supposed to go to Mexico in the late 80’s and 90’s instead went to China…….
    Lower prices everyday.Guaranteed!
    Someone didn’t plan very well.
    After hurricane Charlie came through Florida the summer before last, the Republican stronghold of Sanibel Island was crawling with Mexican workers engaged in storm cleanup and roof repair ( as was much of the storm path) No one complained.Now that they decided to stay and are tired of getting ripped off, people are noticing.
    The Reagan administration was the attack dog that began the destruction of the labor unions, the bulwark protecting American jobs.The bulk of construction jobs(at least in Fla) are now held by short browned skin fellows that speak spanish.
    Most highway projects like roadway and bridge construction and routine maintenance are done by those little brown skinned spanish speaking guys, since Floridas’ governor decided to save money by eliminating State jobs via outsourcing to the private sector.
    It’s all cause and effect.
    The good part is new (very good), taco stands are popping up everywhere and it’s a lot easier to get Bohemia beer and find a mariachi band.

  6. comment no 5 from uncledad –

    I’m not a sniffling depressing liberal. If you only knew me. I do believe in the cause.

    I hope Bush keeps on talking about war and why we went because it is gong to totally turn people against the Republicans. He keeps talking about the subject that people hate on a daily basis. He is throwing salt into wounds.

    I’m putting money where my mouth is and sending money to Lamont in CT.

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