Spilled Milk

Dan Froomkin:

With his vision of Iraq belied not only by an insurgency that he didn’t anticipate, but also by sectarian rivalries that he disregarded before the invasion, President Bush has come up with a new rhetorical line of attack: It’s not my fault, it’s Saddam’s.

Agence France Presse reports: “President George W. Bush said former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s brutal divisive legacy, rather than the US-led invasion, was to blame for Iraq’s current sectarian violence.” …

… “Today, some Americans ask whether removing Saddam caused the divisions and instability we’re now seeing. In fact, much of the animosity and violence we now see is the legacy of Saddam Hussein. He is a tyrant who exacerbated sectarian divisions to keep himself in power,” Bush said.

“The argument that Iraq was stable under Saddam and that stability is now in danger because we removed him is wrong.”

50 years ago:

With his vision of lunch belied by a puddle of milk he didn’t anticipate, young George W. Bush has come up with a new rhetorical line of attack: It’s not my fault, it’s the cow’s.

“Today, some parents ask whether knocking over my cup caused the puddle of milk we’re now seeing. In fact, it was the cow that produced the milk in liquid form, so that when I knocked the cup over it spilled out all over the floor,” Bush said. “The argument that the milk spilled because I knocked the cup over is wrong.”

6 thoughts on “Spilled Milk

  1. Saddam quelled sectarian divisions, he didn’t exacerbate them.

    I think Bush is on the ropes with iraq and his excuses and justifcations are going to become more lame as time goes on.Bush forgot to mention that Saddam is evil..

  2. Bush has, in fact, been knocked to the canvas where in an attempt to escape he has crawled to the edge of the ring. His strength finally failing him, all that bike riding did help his cardio conditioning, he lays there; head lolling over the edge a thin stream of drool trickling from his mouth to the concrete floor surrounding the ring.

    Impeach his lying ass. Then turn him over to the ICC so they can bury him UNDER the jail.

    That is the only way any of us will be able to look in the mirror wihout shame.

  3. Let’s boot his sorry ass over to Iraq and put him in the same damn jail cell as Saddam. He is an absolute whiner.

    A. Citizen – comment no 4 – I agree that his sorry lying ass should be IMPEACHED. I am sick of congress being in gridlock lockdown.

  4. Today, some parents say “use a sippy-cup”. If he did, maybe he wouldn’t have had to blame the cow!

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