5 thoughts on “I Endorse

  1. How refreshing to hear the voices of reason returning to us..one by one…maybe more will find the guts to speak up..

    As for Rummy, I think we are stuck with him.I bet his “Nuke Iran plan” is just what he needs to get his medal from bush.He has stood thru storms before, and no one cares about the public at the white house…..I hope your all correct and he is on his way out, but I won’t be holding my breath.I think they believe rummys nuke Iran plan will be their saving grace at election time.They will do it towards the end of summer and they expect the country will rally around them “at a time of war” and they will claim the left will “weaken the presidents resolve” and they will claim anyone voting for the left will be voting for iran to have nukes, because the left is for restraining the presidents “inherent authority” with regard to the “war on terror” (which iran will become) … geez their play book is weak,, but too many Americans will be duped AGAIN by the shock and awe, imagine how wide eyed and powerful some Americans will feel once we NUKE another country….Bushies count on it bringing us right back into line,, into compliance in time for the 2006 elections…it makes me want to puke.

  2. Justme, I agree that what you describe is possibly a ‘play book’ of the weakened, even desperate Bushies/Republicans.

    I do not agree that Americans will ‘fall for it’. On the contrary, I think that playbook, if followed, would assure Democratic majorities in both chambers.

    Most Americans will never again trust George Bush to be competent…..should he follow that irrational play book, there would be a tidal wave of folks wanting a Democratic-led Congress to provide, essentially, parental control of Bush.

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