Stone Cold Crazy Bitch

Sorry about the language, but Debbie Schlussel is at it again

When previews for “United 93” were shown in New York City movie houses, the crowd whined, “Too soon!”

But “United 93” is not arriving in theaters too soon. If anything, it is arriving too late.


Debbie the Demented may have forgotten exactly what happened on 9/11, but much of the damage was done to New York. If you lived in New York City then, there’s a large possibility you were at least acquainted with someone who died in the towers. Or, like me, you were close enough to witness the whole thing.

This may be difficult for D the D to grasp, as she’s clearly a stone cold crazy bitch, but this was an incredibly intense experience. Even after all these years emotions about 9/11 are still raw in New York. More raw, I suspect, than for people who were sitting comfortably in Detroit, or wherever D the D was, watching something happen on television to a bunch of strangers.

Just last year I walked through a museum display that included a twisted piece of one of the towers, and — much to my surprise — I started to hyperventilate. I wasn’t even aware myself how raw it still was.

I used to walk through the lower levels of one of the towers as part of my daily commute. I can still close my eyes and see it as it was, every detail. All the shops, all the people.

I heard the Flight 93 film is good, and I’m fine with the fact that there’s a film, but I don’t believe I will see it in theaters. I’m afraid I won’t be able to sit through it. I’ll wait until it’s on TV — I can change the channel if I need to.

I understand the film premier was in Tribeca, which is adjacent to Wall Street. And Wall Street is … well, you know. That’s where it happened. I’d love for D the D to stand outside the movie theater in Tribeca and tell New Yorkers they’re a bunch of whiners because some weren’t ready to watch a film about 9/11. Go ahead, Debbie. I’m sure they’ll care what you think.

The rest of her post might cause you to hyperventilate. Here’s the joke —

It has been almost five years since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and most Americans have fallen back to sleep. They’ve forgotten who our enemy is: extremist Islam. They’ve forgotten why the Patriot Act was enacted. They’ve forgotten why it was necessary for the NSA to listen in on phone calls of Muslims in America to their friends overseas. They’ve forgotten why it is necessary that many Islamic charities allegedly funding hospitals and orphanages must be shut down (because as on 9/11, they fund acts and groups that continue to put people in hospitals and orphanages).

Now, here’s the punch line:

That’s why “United 93” should be required movie viewing for all Americans who love freedom. …

Stone cold crazy STUPID bitch.

Update: See Attywood.

23 thoughts on “Stone Cold Crazy Bitch

  1. I’m with you, Maha. It still must be a wrenching wound and you don’t want to go poking it yet just because someone who knows nothing about its personal impact says you should. I still can’t bring myself to see Schindler’s List for similar reasons. I’m not Jewish, but ever since I saw Cronkite’s “20th Century” footage of the Holocaust as a young teen, I can barely think about what happened without almost breaking into tears. I do read people’s personal experiences in the Holocaust and concerning 9/11, but movies are too all-encompasing a media when the nerves are still raw. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you and others in New York to have witnessed that day.

  2. I’ve wondered about people’s different reactions to horrifying espisodes such as this. Why do some of us react with deep sadness and some with rage? Does it have to do with our upbringing?
    If you had the kind of parent who slapped you across the face and yelled “idiot!” are you more likely to want to “go get those SOB’s!”? If you had the kind of parent who looked at you with sad disappointment, are you more likely to do some soul searching to find out more about your motives and actions and consequently want to understand what makes your enemy tick before you take action?
    Is that what makes the difference between many righties and lefties? Is the warrior who takes off in a rage more likely to win a battle, or is the warrior who understands human nature more likely to win? Maybe we need both, but we need to be sure the leader has the character of the latter (Lincoln, FDR, Truman and Kennedy come to mind.)

  3. The sad part is that this idiot is ruining a movie that is getting universally good reviews, directed by a sensitive and technically accomplished man who consulted with the family members (Paul Greengrass), for a lot of people with her psychotic ravings.

  4. I’ve heard it’s well done and I was so relieved to hear that it was filmed in a way that was reality-based and not Hollywoodized. I plan to see it, but I sure can understand why some would choose to see it at home.

    Perhaps that is why the hijab-wearing woman I saw and her Muslim male companion walked out of the film with big frowns on their faces. I think they wanted this film to make the hijackers Samoans or Icelanders. This movie is not PC. It sticks to the story as it happened.
    What kind of juvenile writing is this? The comments after this were disgusting, too. No wonder Maha felt sick. Have they no shame?

  5. You have to wonder what goes through someone’s head when they say things like that. Or if they were dropped on their head at some point in their childhood. Speaking of heads, all I can do is shake my head. What an idiot.

    A bit OT, but I’m wondering, Maha, what your take is on the “government allowed/caused 9/11 to happen” theory. I was (and remain somewhat) skeptical, but it could be a case of if it wasn’t there they would have created it.. I find it vastly more likely that they were asleep at the wheel versus actively plotting it, but what do I know.

    I hope, despite this horrible excuse for a human being, you and all New Yorkers can continue healing from what I can only imagine is a truly horrendous experience. And, come to think of it, she can only imagine too, since she, you know, wasn’t there! Sheesh.

  6. Speaking from the middle of Iowa,, I am not ready to view this film yet,, if ever.I don’t need a movie to remind me of the people I saw jumping to their deaths that day,,,I will never be able to erase the image from my mind.I don’t need to be reminded of how bush failed… I will never forget how he failed us all,, the families,the victims,the country…And then how he has used and exploited the suffering of so many….the honor in my heart for my fellow American will NEVER allow me to forgive bush…not that he is enough of a human being to even be sorry.

    I think of those left behind on every holiday…about the empty places at their tables and in their hearts…I think of first steps missed,the “I love you”‘s that will never be said,the tears that come when you least expect them, the faces of children who will live forever with only dreams of someone they will never get to know…stuff that a cold bitch like debbie must not understand.

    She understands that people are not afraid enough anymore..bush is failing to get mileage out of the situtation anymore.The fear we felt after 911 has been replaced with broken hearts trying to heal and for some of us a new kind of fear brought on by the reality that we have a clueless boob in charge who not only screwed up on 911 , but who continues to tell us we may be attacked again at any moment(BOO!)and that spying on US keeps us safer.

    Then Katrina…wow proof to the world bush can’t handle it if we were to be attacked…And if all that is not enough the movie reminds us these are only a band of thugs….imagine if a country was mad enough at us to take advantage of the situation… good thing the world loves us so much , huh? Does dummy debbie really want to bring all this stuff up??? Or is she counting on all the little sheep to fall in line to shore up the family supply of duct tape and plastic??I dare to suggest that dragging up the past is a dangerous thing for a party with so many skeletons in their closets…what ever happened with that whole anthrax thing???hmmm and where’s Bin laden? And remember that proof bush claimed he had that bin laden was involved that was so top secret he couldn’t tell us and we should just trust him?? Well since then bin laden confessed right,,? so surely we can see that proof now right?…..Boy the list of questions could go on all night,,,Does debbie really want every American to start asking them????

  7. Hmmph! Never heard of Demented Debbie before today, but it is obvious she is one of the Koolaid drinkers, especially if she thinks “georgie boy” and krew are just listening to “Muslims talking with overseas friends”.

    I don’t do movies in theaters, so I’ll be waiting until it comes on HBO or whatnot. This is NOT the first movie/film done about United 93, though. I believe the Discovery channel did one, that I saw a few months ago.

    I guess Debbie the Demented is fine with Bush and Co. using fear to “keep us Murkins in line”, but forcing us to watch stuff like this. Yeesh!

  8. Not near the tragedy when it happened but, yeah, I felt it deeply, if more remotely than you. I cannot even think of wanting to see a movie about ordinary people who had no other choice than do what they did. Maybe some need this as a closure but I don’t think this was made so as to stoke the flames of vengeance the way this person appears to want. Perhaps if we want vengeance we should look for a man named Osama.

  9. Of course I believe that the passengers of United 93 acted heroically in a situation so horrible it beggars the imagination.

    That said, I really don’t care how “sensitively” this film portrays the tragedy. The bottom line is that it’s a commercial movie and a studio is making money from its release. The more people see the film, the more money the studio makes. Unless 100% of the profits are going to the victims’ families, I won’t see it. I’m pretty darned sure that ain’t the case.

    Sounds like Debbie S. is some kind of hate-sucking vampire.

  10. Indeed, every freedom loving patriotic brain dead sheep-assed ‘Mercan otta rush out and see the movie to keep the juices flowing and numb their brains to the killing fields in Eye rak, better get yerself a coupla Toby Keith Cds also to kinda, you know, catapult the propaganda.
    I’m not going to delude myself with the fantasy-horror propaganda regarding flight 93, it’s a blatant attempt to bolster the hatred of Muslims in order to invade and occupy their lands, and validate attack on Iraq, and the impending attack on Iran.
    It’s another crack of the whip from the “herdsman”.
    I will not lie down!
    Give me answers about the anthrax attacks and tell me again about the vast stockpiles of smallpox and botulin and yellowcake and vast underground tunnels and the “connection” and “link” between Osama and Saddam, and the terists.
    9/11 was an abomination, the continued “war on terror” is killing over 3,000 per month.If We allow this to continue, We will be the rogue nation, the world will gang up and kick our asses, make no mistake about it.

  11. A bit OT, but I’m wondering, Maha, what your take is on the “government allowed/caused 9/11 to happen” theory. I was (and remain somewhat) skeptical, but it could be a case of if it wasn’t there they would have created it.. I find it vastly more likely that they were asleep at the wheel versus actively plotting it, but what do I know.

    I don’t believe the “caused” theories for a second. I had a good view of the tower collapses, and they did not fall from implosion. They fell just the way several independent engineering reports said they fell, from the top down.

    The notion that anyone could have wired the world trade center towers for implosion without somebody noticing is beyond ludicrous.

    Other bits of nonsense — people viewing videos or still photos imagine they see explosions on the ground. What they’re seeing is big chunks of building material fall nearly a quarter of a mile and hitting asphalt. These impacts made a big boom, and concrete and other materials immediately became powder from the impact. That’s why there was a fine dust all over lower Manhattan for weeks after.

    The mysterious Building 7 collapsed because it burned until nearly 5:30 pm without the attention of the fire department, which was either dead or busy elsewhere. Several other structures in the vacinity, including some not part of the WTC complex, caught fire and were heavily damaged that day, so it seems to me remarkable that more buildings didn’t collapse. Some of these were unsalvagable and had to be demolished later, however; e.g. the Deutsch Bank Building on Liberty Street, which is still being deconstructed.

    Well, so much for that. However, is it possible the Bushies knew something was going to happen and let it happen? That IS possible. They got plenty of warning, certainly, and there was warning that the impending attack would involve highjacked airplanes, yet no effort was made to increase airplane security. So they either had their heads up their butts (also very possible) or they made a conscious decision to let the disaster take place.

    I take it from Bush’s reaction that what happened was unexpected, however. Maybe they anticipated a more modest terrorist attack.

  12. I am having a senior moment. I saw a movie on A&E about Flight 93 a few months ago. It was your better than average TV movies. However, I talked a little bit about it to other people and am now beginning to wonder if I dreamed it. Or, I wonder if this particular movie was being tested. I don’t remember any serious advertising about it such as the ads that wash into my brain when I watch a sporting event such as the NBA playoffs. Thus, my memory is that it was just on with little fanfare; but, I did see it.

    In the previews that have been on TV, I cannot necessarily say if this is the same as the one I saw on A&E. But, I can’t say it isn’t. At the time when I first saw that it was on, I decided I didn’t want to watch it; but A&E reruns most of their programs a lot and I ran across it again and watched it. I live in the Washington, DC metro area and was quite concerned about a friend of mine and her husband working and living in the vicinity of the Pentagon. Once I heard they were okay, I relaxed a bit. But, I am sure that I cannot even comprehend what it was like in New York.

    On whether something like this is too soon is totally dependent on each individual who experienced it.

    And, I have forgotten all those things she mentioned. I just believe they have taken away my liberties under the U.S. Constitution and they have NOT made us safer.

  13. I looked up the movie site, joanr16, and it encourages donations to the National Park Service site on its front page:
    It contains many links: to information on terrorism around the globe (including the Bali bombings), 9/11 Commission, scholarship funds, the Shanksville firestation, and this one:

    It isn’t 100%, but it looks like it’s making an effort to be respectful.

  14. the facts do not match up with the bullshit story the white house is selling. but then again, what bullshit story of thiers has ever passed the smell test?

  15. Sam, thanks for the info you provided in #13. It may make a difference for other people (and, unlike Demented Debbie, I urge them to make up their own minds), but it won’t for me. I’d rather send the price of the movie ticket to the Crawford Peace House down in Texas, or something.

    One question, though. What is the purpose of donating to the National Park Service? For some sort of memorial? I’d want the movie to contribute toward something more pragmatic, e.g. the scholarship funds you mention; but again, to each their own.

    This certainly isn’t the first buck anybody made off 9/11, and it won’t be the last.

  16. “conscious decision to let the disaster take place.”

    See, I think they are truly evil enough to do this. Isn’t there some quote about “the more someone tells me how honest they are, the more I start counting my money?” The more Bush and Co. bring up 9/11 and use it as a justification for wiping their asses with the Constitution, the more one has to wonder if they didn’t at the very least not prevent it.. even Debbie Downer could hardly deny that 9/11 has been quite the political boon for the GOP.

  17. joanr16 –
    Yes, the Park Service is getting ready to build a big memorial out there in the countryside. I heard there was some controversy about it in that it’s going to impact the community to a great extent. OMG. I just looked it up and I cannot believe what I found…
    Malkin et all think it’s controversial because it’s in the shape of a crescent. (I’m not making this up.) (Are these the same people who think we should be saving the Muslim citizens of Iraq? I don’t get it. Am I supposed to get it?) I got out of there after a cursory glance. It’s all I could stand.

    Anyway, maybe the link to Peaceful Tomorrows is the more worthwhile link to look at.

  18. # 10, Erinyes.. You got it right..another crack of the whip from the herdsman.. we all need a good dose of the ” Let’s Roll” fantasy to keep us pumped.

  19. Good post Maha.

    Two things: There was a movie made for A&E. It was shown, I believe, in March. It is being reshown this weekend. They did a fair bit of advertising for it on A&E, History and Discovery channels, IIRC. I didn’t watch it. I was sick that morning and stayed home from work (in Manhattan) and didn’t know what was happening in Manhattan until the afternoon. The Towers were a landmark for so many things that you cannot escape their absence on the skyline. (I have several friends who should have been in the vicinity that day and were saved by either not being at work or on the way to work. Another friend’s son went to Stuyvesant HS.)

    As to the memorial: Several months ago there was a long thread at TBogg about the people protesting the shape of the proposed memorial. That thread then had a sibling thread at Making Light. Both grew to hundreds of comments. Absolutely insane reactions from the wingnuts about the memorial. I saw the other day (I don’t remember where) that a congresscritter from Delaware (IIRC) doesn’t want the federal government to buy the land needed for the memorial and doesn’t one built, period. The land purchase is part of a new Interior Department appropriations bill coming up in Congress in the next few weeks.

    The attack makes my heart sick, and all the crap from the wingnuts just makes the hurt worse.

  20. Just spent a little time treading through the Attywood comments. I wonder if the director of the movie knows what he’s in for.

  21. I have New Yorker friends for whom the promos are causing panic attacks. I’m glad that, by all accounts, it’s a well made movie that’s not exploitive, but reviewers who attended the premier all say it’s very difficult to sit through. Good for the director and all involved with the project — I’m sure it’s a good film, but I have no intention of seeing it. (I prefer my movies to have dancing kittens and bunnies, frankly.)

    I live in Manhattan, I don’t need a movie to remind me what happened. The Catholic church two blocks from my apartment has cross made out of cross beams from the WTC sitting in its yard, on a street that’s been unofficially renamed “Heroes of 9/11 Way.” You can’t avoid discussion of 9/11 anyway because it’s local news here, almost every day. You know reconstruction only just started this week, because the government, the victims families, and the developer have all been at war for two years trying to hash out the details. Many architects have said publicly that the Freedom Tower is a phenomenally bad idea. There’s still some kind of problem with the memorial construction, such that Governor Pataki has to get on TV every couple of weeks to assure people that it will still be built.

    And we in New York have to deal with the fact that anti-terrorism funding is still too low, that the NYPD is ill-equipped to deal with another attack, that the port in nearby Elizabeth, NJ, still lets in a lot of cargo without checking it sufficiently. We’re told to be on the lookout for suspicious activity, and everyone’s so on edge that earlier this week, the N train shut down because the ink bomb thingy from a bank robbery exploded in a subway car and the cops thought it was a tear gas bomb at first. So that’s what the Patriot Act and spying on those evil brown people did for us. Every time there’s a minor incident, it becomes increasingly clear that we’re not prepared should there be another attack.

    Which is to say… good for the movie, but I don’t have to see it to demonstrate that I care or to show I love freedom or whatever. And clearly I love freedom more than Debbie does, since she wants her civil liberties abridged.

  22. I don’t believe the wild-eyed conspiracy theories about 9/11, but there’s no doubt that there is a great deal the Bush regime is covering up. For example, Muhammed Atta’s magic passport, found sitting unsinged on top of several tons of rubble when the plane he arrived in was vaporized – or the mile-wide trail of credit card transactions from a supposed team of crack terrorists, and the Arabic-language flight manual magically found in a car at Boston’s Logan Airport – or the airline put options, which were all over the news for several days and then just suddenly vanished into the memory hole – did the trail point towards some powerful Bush crony?

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that elements in the administration knew about the attacks in advance, and decided to let them happen and profit from them.

    Anyway, I haven’t yet made plans to watch United 93, but I was very impressed by another Paul Greengrass film, Bloody Sunday, about a massacre of Irish civil rights marches by the British Army in 1972. That was my “9/11” when I was growing up in Ireland – obviously it was on a smaller scale, but there was the same sense of shock and disbelief throughout Ireland. And the political crisis could have been resolved peacefully before Bloody Sunday if the Brits had given an inch – instead they went in with all guns blazing, their bloodthirstiness and stupidity leading to the appearance of the IRA and 30 years of upheaval. How sad that the powers that be never learn anything from history.

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