Bob Herbert Rocks

More on why Hillary Clinton must not be nominated in 2008:

After more than three years of fighting and more than 2,400 American deaths, you still need a magnifying glass to locate the differences between Mrs. Clinton and the Bush administration on the war. It’s true, as the senator argues, that she has been a frequent and sometimes harsh critic of the way the war has been conducted. In a letter to constituents last fall she wrote, “I have continually raised doubts about the president’s claims, lack of planning and execution of the war, while standing firmly in support of our troops.”

But in terms of overall policy, she seems to be right there with Bush, Cheney, Condi et al. She does not regret her vote to authorize the invasion, and still believes the war can be won. Her view of the ultimate goal in Iraq, as her staffers reiterated last week, is the establishment of a viable government capable of handling its own security, thus enabling the U.S. to reduce its military presence and eventually leave.

That sounds pretty much the same as President Bush’s mantra: “Our strategy in Iraq is that as the Iraqis stand up, we’ll stand down.”

With disapproval of the way Bush is running the war at 64 percent, can somebody explain to me why sounding just like Bush is “smart politics”?

Democrats are still paranoid about being perceived as soft on national security.

With superhawk Republicans like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani making their way toward the starting gate for the 2008 White House run, the terminally timid Democrats continue to obsess about what they ought to be saying, neurotically analyzing every syllable they hesitantly utter, as opposed to simply saying what they really believe.

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5 thoughts on “Bob Herbert Rocks

  1. Not voting for Hillary if she is nominated will be the equivalent of voting for Nader in 2000. Not that the votes are counted fairly anyway. I know Kos has had enough of the “who’s counting the votes” naysayers but what, exactly, are we supposed to do?

  2. what, exactly, are we supposed to do?

    Work like hell for better candidates to be sure Hillary isn’t nominated.

  3. The economic elite remain in power by supporting only belt-way candidates [of either party] who decline to champion an actual change of direction.

  4. With disapproval of the way Bush is running the war at 64 percent, can somebody explain to me why sounding just like Bush is “smart politics”?

    Well, one possible explaination might be that people have gotten wise to Bush, but not to the dymanics of the manipulation that put him there. Meaning that unexamined patriotism, religion(god bless America!), prejudices and bigotries, and the individual insecurities that are ingrained into our national psyche are still big sellers. a majority still respond through emotion as opposed to the intellect.

  5. Middle of the stream nonsense from Hillary. The cautious approach. Politicians who think like those of us in left blogistan should be SCREAMING THIER FRIGGIN’ HEADS OFF!!!!! That’s the kind of candidate I am looking for….YYYEEEAAAHHH!!

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