Fitzmas Cancelled?

Well, folks, if you’ve been living in the “When will Karl be indicted” camp, it appears you can strike the tents. According to David Johnston at the New York Times, Fitz won’t indict.

The prosecutor in the C.I.A. leak case on Monday advised Karl Rove, the senior White House adviser, that he would not be charged with any wrongdoing, effectively ending the nearly three-year criminal investigation that had at times focused intensely on Mr. Rove.

The decision by the prosecutor, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, announced in a letter to Mr. Rove’s lawyer, Robert D. Luskin, lifted a pall that had hung over Mr. Rove who testified on five occasions to a federal grand jury about his involvement in the disclosure of an intelligence officer’s identity.

In a statement, Mr. Luskin said, “On June 12, 2006, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges against Karl Rove.”

Mr. Fitzgerald’s spokesman, Randall Samborn, said he would not comment on Mr. Rove’s status.

Many hopes will be hung on that last sentence.

A series of meetings between Mr. Luskin and Mr. Fitzgerald and his team proved pivotal in dissuading the prosecutor from bringing charges. On one occasion Mr. Luskin himself became a witness in the case, giving sworn testimony that was beneficial to Mr. Rove.

Make of that what you will.

7 thoughts on “Fitzmas Cancelled?

  1. Although lawyers for Plame/ Wilson may file a civil suit against Karl “TurdBlossom” Rove. Check out Rawstory, Americablog…

  2. Heart breaking……but tell me this… has anyone seen this so called letter?You would think they would be showing it to the world…

    Is there no justice in this world? Perhaps someday he will face war crimes charges………..what a sad day for America.

  3. justme, whether it was a letter or a phone call (reports vary), Luskin’s office has been very clear that they are releasing nothing.

    Jeralyn Merritt called Luskin, who said there is not now, nor was there ever, a deal for Rove. He just walked.

    Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed in the morning.

  4. I think that there is no justice and someone from the TOP is taking care of this!

  5. I may have to eat my words…..
    Could it be “The Bulldog” is skipping Rove to go after Mr Sneer himself? Could be. Libby was directly under Cheney. Perhaps the “Bulldog” is passing on the Chitlin and going right for the porkchop.

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