Memo to Donkey Cons

bloggers who lack the guts to permit comments: They let me in for free, and I got there by mass transit. Still jealous?

Oooo, now the poor babies are whining that they can’t leave up comments threads because lefties are mean to them. And then they launch into a diatribe that somehow blames liberals for every atrocity visited upon mankind since the invention of socks, including the French Terror, 100 million people slaughtered by Communist regimes (they link to a book about it, in case I didn’t know), ax murders, nasty things allegedly done by the Black Panthers, and the demise of Kathleen Willey’s cat.

Righties are such weenies. As I said in the next post, they dish it out a whole lot better than they can take it.

(Anyway, boobies, I already said didn’t pay to get into the Drum Major Institute party. They let me in for free because I was on the blogger host committee.)

Well, since the Donkey Cons blog doesn’t permit comments, you are welcome to leave comments to their post here.

Update update: The children are utterly unglued and raving that they will outkeyboard me. Well, go ahead and keyboard, dears. I find them amusing, but not enough to waste much time on. Especially since they don’t seem to have enough traffic to generate more than a handful of hits. I ‘spect they’re getting some traffic from here, though.

Lacking the moral fiber to admit the exchange began because they called me a “limousine liberal” — which is a knee-slapper to anyone who knows me — now they’re pretending we’re having a disagreement about Kos. The Donkey Cons and other rightie blogs are having a high old time joining the press pile-on of Kos, which they’ve dubbed Kosola, in the assumption that Kos is guilty of influence peddling or something. Once again, they resemble nothing more than a pack of brainless hyenas smelling some dead they can eat.

Now, I have no idea what Kos is peddling to the pols, but the truth is that on the blogosphere he doesn’t have all that much influence to peddle. Some of the charges I’ve heard — that he controls which blogs get advertising from the Advertising Liberally network, for example — are known personally to me to be bogus. And in the larger liberal blogosphere, a Kos endorsement plus a $1 bill will get you whatever you want on the McDonald’s dollar menu. People support candidates when they think the candidates are worthy of support, and if they don’t, they don’t. I’m not seeing a Warner bandwagon, for example.

I don’t know what’s up with Jerome Armstrong and the SEC charges, but the scandal du jour is that Jerome used to be a serious student of astrology. To which I say, so?

Other than general disparagement of blogs and blog readers by people like the Keyboarding Cabbage (which righties are too stupid to realize applies to them, too), the only part of the pile-on that really irritates me is that people like Glenn Greenwald and Steve Gilliard have had to spend time exposing, um, lapses of fact in the stuff the professionals are writing about Kos. A waste, I say; that much brainpower can be put to better use.

11 thoughts on “Memo to Donkey Cons

  1. I always wondered what a donkey with his head up his ass would look like……I am so glad one cannot smell odors thru the computer…..

    Mass transit and a free ticket……I am jealous…. please don’t tell me you stepped in something sticky too,,,,I don’t think I could contain my envy…..Don’t tell me… KOS made you write it….. this is so funny… we will hear KOS installed chips in everyone who attended ….proof righties need to get a life.

  2. I don’t think I have seen any leftie comments that were even close to being as mean as anything Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, or Rush Limbaugh have said about liberals, democrats, lefties, etc. Not even close!

    They all need a crash course in Miss Manner’s Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior.

    And, as Maha has pointed out on many, many occasions, the righties do always attack us personally rather than the substance of what is written.

  3. Mass transit and a free ticket……I am jealous…. please don’t tell me you stepped in something sticky too.

    In the New York City subway system? But of course, mon ami!

    All I really got free were two meat cubes and a place to sit for a while. Oh, and a goodie bag, which had some cool stuff in it, like a coffee mug and a cap and a copy of Kos’s book. But I paid for my two drinks ’cause it was a benefit and all, although I’m not sure I had to. And after that we had to wander around the West Village to look for hamburgers because we hadn’t gotten any food.

    Ah, blogging is such hell, and we get so little thanks …

  4. GAH! MY EYES!!!

    Maha, you’re family, blood relative, you KNOW I design web sites for a living … WHY did you inflict possibly the ugliest blog site I have ever seen on my poor synapses??

    *shudder* Makes me itch to step in and clean them up….


  5. Lance — don’t feel bad about the cab. The subways take some getting used to. I might have taken a cab but I’m not good at getting cabs to stop for me. It’s a hillbilly thing, I guess.

  6. Changing topics, taking attention away from important issues, especially when they don’t reflect well on the powers that be–that’s a very important tactic.

    Seems to be working well. Alas.

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