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  1. Well… keep in mind that in Nevada there are very few places where you can fit 4,000 people outside of casinos.

    Also, I want to let it be known that this event has been in the planning stage for a year now so holding a convention in Nevada in a casino is not something we just suddenly thought of.

    Just for the record… 🙂

  2. Not recognizing any of those names … it’s difficult to tell from the front page, but I’m guessing from the fact that the first and so far only “executive gold sponser” is New Media Alliance, this would be a gathering of specifically conservative political bloggers?

    In other words, some people obviously have Kos envy?


  3. Having Hugh Hewitt as a keynote speaker is a giveaway. No liberal blogger would go within 500 miles of the place.

  4. What a stellar array of bloggers they have selected… And Hugh Hewitt to boot. Quel surprise!. I heard that the schedule also includes an Archie Bunker impersonator, some lady who slept in a bus-stop on the outskirts of Dallas and my Rabid Right-wing Sunday school teacher from 1969. Should be fun and I’m sure mind expanding. WOW!

  5. NeoJoe — mind expanding, as in heads will explode?

    They think they’re going to get 4,000 attendees. Good luck with that.

  6. WOW.. found this stirring article by following the links on Bloggingboy.07… I’d like to bitch slap the little twerp who wrote it and make him apologize. Captain Courageous I’m sure. I got nothing but contempt for little pudgy assed warrior wannabes who take potshots at the men and women who honored their country with service. Twerpo doesn’t understand that by taking a cheap shot at Murtha or Kerry, he is essentially pissing on the honor of every American soldier since that first April morning.


  7. I confess to being in some ways terribly blogtarded, so… erm…. What’s a Hugh Hewitt?

    (Actually just phrasing the question is amusing.)

  8. A Hugh Hewitt was the orginal lumber company formed in colonial days based on the idea of our modern U-Haul concept.

  9. This is too funny. It’s not just in a casino, it’s in fabulous Reno, Nevada! (actually Sparks, next to Reno.) And they’re doing it from Wednesday thru Friday when the town’s just buzzing with excitement. Who knows, maybe there’s even a monster truck show or something going on. Anyone ever see the movie “Waking up in Reno?”

    Come one, come all! Be a part of the right-wing echo machine and get paid for it! Their sponsor “New Media Alliance” is pretty creepy, if you ask me. They’re a non-profit tax-exempt branch of the Heritage Foundation where they pay bad writers to cut and paste their talking points into as many online spaces as possible to make it seem like there’s actually a concensus opinion out there. And by drilling the same propaganda into as many simple-minded people as possible, they create that concensus, I guess. Hell, you don’t even need to know how to read to be a part of it. I noticed at the bottom of their page, you can have the page read to you with patriotic sounding music in the background. Ugh.

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