Welcome to the Nut House

Blogging time is short today, so I’m just going to link to a few things going on elsewhere —

Per Glenn Greenwald, Michelle Malkin is not only certifiably unhinged, she has persuaded some of her more loosely wired followers that New York Times editors and reporters deserve to be hunted down.

Let’s start with the following New York Times reporters and editors: Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. , Bill Keller, Eric Lichtblau, and James Risen.

Do you have an idea where they live? Go hunt them down and do America a favor. Get their photo, street address, where their kids go to school, anything you can dig up, and send it to the link above. This is your chance to be famous – grab for the golden ring.

This is exactly the kind of rhetoric that gets people assassinated. If I were any of the people named in this post, I’d be calling lawyers.

Yesterday David Neiwert posted revealed that Malkin’s, um, thinking has been heavily influenced by a prominent white supremacist. Not exactly a surprise, although it does make one wonder what witches’ brew of character disorders is bubbling in Malkin’s (non-Caucasian) psyche.

[Update: The Heretik links to the wingnuts so I don’t have to.]

For a sad testimony to how far off the tracks our nation has gone, see “Gitmo win likely cost Navy lawyer his career” by Paul Shukovsky in yesterday’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Follow that up with visits to Billmon and Digby.

Finally, Gary Farber tells us how to have a great 4th of July celebration.

25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Nut House

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  2. Hey, Heretik (buy a dictionary and check your spelling)!
    Great post!
    Now let’s do a CSI on you.
    It has two legs
    And opposable thumb’s.
    It could be a huma..
    Wait, never mind, it has a large anus, so it’s probably just another big asshole!
    Look on the bright side, HeretiK! In another 100,000+ years or so, your family might be able to add Sapient to your Homo.
    I wouldn’t bet on it, though…

  3. Oh that is not the half of it…. One of her “followers” actually published the address and phone number of a photographer from the New York Times……all because the New york Times , in the travel section,did an article about the vacation homes of rummy and cheney…..

    Anyone who has been paying attention in the past 6 years would know that rummy and cheney both threw such a tizzy that the airspace over their vacation homes is restricted.Perhaps if they wanted to keep the locations of their vacation homes private they shouldn’t have caused such a stink about making the air over the homes “no fly zones”….even commercial airlines have had to re-do their flight plans to please a couple of paranoid NUTJOBS.

    I don’t like airplanes flying over my house either.I bet New York city folks are a bit uneasy about it also.This weekend , in my town, we have a restored fighter plane from WW2 , for 400.00 anyone can have a ride…I don’t want that old ass worn out plane flying over my house 100 times a day….imagine if I threw a tizzy like cheney and rummy.TAXPAYERS don’t have shit to say about what flies over their homes…unless your last name is cheney.

    But I think it is just GREAT that righties are so nuts…..KEEP IT UP RIGHTIES….your starting to look insane even to your own.The right reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. They have cried wolf so many damn times over non issues such as this that no one can take them seriously anymore.Let them keep going to far….people are watching.

    From this day forward, to me, the right has become the party who cried wolf……keep it up righties, by election day people will be so fed up with the stynch mob.Let something happen to an employee of the New York Times and WATCH as the actions end up bringing the party down….Go ahead righties,, over play the shit out of your hand, I’ll make the popcorn!!!!!

  4. oh and one big fat P.S……………..Do you really think that rummy and cheney didn’t know before the article came out that it was being written?… if they are that worried perhaps they should sell their vacation homes.Most of us in the real world manage to make it thru life very well WITHOUT a vacation home… sorry if I am short on pity for a bunch of rich jackasses,,,,I have one final suggestion for righties,,, If they don’t like how things are going they could just let bush and cheney step aside. They don’t have to stay at a job they don’t like,,,they are welcome to leave anytime and return to being citizens.

  5. I second what you have said, justme….the shrillness, moving over the edge into insanity, that is echoing from the rightwingnuts [like Coulter and Malkin] undermines the Republicans, especially moderates and true conservatives. Not to mention undermining American values.

    The crazies just keep digging their hole deeper thinking they are ‘moving forward.’ Nice to imagine them digging their own resting place as the public gets tired of hearing them cry wolf.

    The image I have: these crazies are down on their hands and knees digging up the roots of democracy and civility. Watching them, and finally realizing that the crazies are damaging exactly what we hold dear, regular folks are beginning to stand up even taller to protect our heritage.

  6. o NOe, aye m morterly wunded. Razing the level of politikal dishkussion without any censor reason. Thanks, CUnd gulag. Let’s du lunch. Or a CSI. Or sumthing.

  7. Shakespeare said “first kill all the lawyers”. Bill Bennett must be thinking “first kill all the reporters”.

  8. Heretik,
    My first impulse was to strike back with some stupid one-liner.
    But, I’m not doing it..

    Let’s have a serious converstaion. Why is this worse than anything during WWII, or whatever happened since then?
    What do you feel that the the journalists’s (who, in my opinion, are supposed to tell us what the governments is doing behind our backs), doing wrong?
    Why, on this issue (where almost everyone in the world knew that a lot of governement’s were looking at finances), are Republicans getting upset? I don’t understand.
    Let me know…
    And, even ifyou don’t, have a great 4th of July!

  9. When I referred to “Her followers” in the paragraph above I was speaking of malkin,,,Just didn’t want to be part of any mis-understanding….:))

  10. I feel like a real dope…

    Ah, taint nothing… I voted for George Bush in 2000. I could kick myself in the pants for that brilliant move.

  11. Swami, did you also admire Ann Coulter back then?

    I was just reading the NY Post article about Ann being a plagiarist. Not enough to engaged in voter fraud, now she’s uncovered as a writer fraud…..which makes me wonder how in the devil she could have a law degree….maybe that degree is a fraud, too.

  12. Donna… I never was an admirer of Ann Coulter( thank God)..Actually, I could never understand what the draw was that made her popular. I guess it would be something similar to Cabbage Patch dolls or Tickle me Elmos. A craze where people get caught up in a hyped up promotion, and there is no substance to the product. That’s how I see Ann Coulter.. a shock jock of journalism who preys on the intellectual weaknesses of the emotionally handicapped.

    Let us know how your roofing job is coming along. Like Chief commented, I also would be interested in knowing how you formed the radius’ on the fascias to achieve the thatched cottage look. That does present a challenge.

    Enjoy the 4th..

  13. Swami, wow, I like how you describe Coulter.

    The roofing job is coming along s l o w l y, but surely. How I curved the fascia: my fascia is 1×8 material.
    1]I bought one 8″ cardboard concrete tube, then cut it in lengthwise in half….sure enough that 1/2 cylinder worked just fine as a template because one edge came onto the bottom 3/4″ inch surface of the fascia while the other edge came up onto the roof edge [the edges fitting tightly].
    2]So I used that 1/2 circle [of cardboard which was then thrown away] as a template to cut [from 2 x 4 stock] great numbers of wooden ‘ears’, the back side of the ears being straight and the whole front surface curved. I predrilled angled holes near the outer edges of each ear’s curved surface [used a drill press] then screwed these ears onto the fascia on 12″ centers. It got tricky at the corners but I managed to do some 45% angle versions of the ears. [Wherever I would later want to lay a ladder against an eave edge, I built up solid framing between the ears.]
    3] Next I did a search through lumber yards and my own brain trying to find the right curved or curvable material to apply over the wooden ears. Voila, I found it: 8″ galvanized stove pipe, which I bought in the longest length of 5′. Since it is already open down one side of the length, I just had to cut it lengthwise once. This 1/2 tube galvanized material was then screwed onto the ears
    I have to say, my house looked strange at this point.
    4] I wrapped the roofing on over the curve and tacked it to the 3/4 edge of the fascia then finished this edge by applying 12′ sections of the aluminum drop ceiling wall [L-shaped] pieces which are 3/4 each side. [I got 35 of these new, at a salvage place for a real bargain]
    5]still have to design a gutter system for this…..
    Maha, forgive me for using your bandwidth for this….but, ah, this designing and building is close to my heart.

  14. WOW, Donna…I’m impressed..I guess you know what you’re doing. I contemplated the challenge from afar and was thinking along similar lines except, I was thinking that ripping in half a PVC drain pipe of the closest diameter in 10′ lengths and fastening it by a similiar method to the way you did. In any event, it’s not a job for he faint of heart and as you describe it..I can tell, it aint gonna kick your butt. That challenge( the fascias) is where your going to get the greatest satisfaction in doing. A big thumbs up for you.

  15. Mahabarb,

    In re my comment back a day or so on “the internets”, take a gander over at Firedoglake. Christy has a quote for Ted Stevens that is a nonesuch of ignorance! Whole continents of new misconceptions open before our eyes.

  16. NY Times Travel Section Scandal Update: Besides, the rightwing nutcases that are invited folks to go harass the editor of the NYTimes at his house, we now see Jonah Goldberg is promoting this story over at NRO’s The Corner. That’s when he is not visiting Bill Bennett’s show. Wonder what the topic was for Bill’s rightwing listeners this morning?

  17. Donna,, I really really would love to see photos of the project you are working on… I understand the job is very complex,I just can’t get my mind around the images you describe.Your house must be really something….I just live in a plain old colonial(boring).But I must admit I am somewhat addicted to houses that are unique.I have been thru the victorian phase and now I long for something like a Frank LLoyd Wright(I guess that would be great to re-roof, flat and rubber!)

    Hi! My name is justme and I am a real estate addict!(lol)

  18. Will somebody please bestow the social status of ” honorary cracker ” to malkin, please, before this idiot gets someone killed!

  19. Swami, I too thought of PVC, but…. in 8″, it is special order and rather expensive. I have 120′ plus feet of rake and eave needing 8″ plus about 50′ of rakes needing 5″ [these are the dormers with 1×4″ fascia]. But I am really considering using PVC [probably 6″]cut in half for oversize gutters which are supported by self-designed wall brackets. I figure a gully-washer will bring water off the outer curve, but a gentle rain will bring it off the lower finished edge…..so I need a wider than usual gutter. I have 44′ of eaves needing gutters. Ideas appreciated…..

    Back on topic: I visited a couple of rightie sites and found that there is some pullback of this behavior of targeting the NYT people. Plus, some rightie commenters are alarmed by the targeting, too. I really really wish that someone from the NYTimes would file a law-suit to stop this sort of thing, and sober up those twisted ones.

  20. A couple comments:

    1) I used to pooh-pooh the idea that Michelle was mostly just Jesse Malkin’s sock-puppet, but not any longer; I now think the majority of “her” columns are actually his. It must suck to have spent all that time on an unmarketable PhD from Rand Graduate Institute only to find that the Pentagon doesn’t give RGI graduates any love any more.

    2) It’s a sad commentary on how far thing have gone that Heretik’s sarcasm is so easily mistaken for a genuine rightie screed.

  21. Modus Potus, Heritik, and Maha,
    Again, I apologize that I was wrong!
    I see so many troll’s on the net that I may sometime’s jump too soon. SORRY!
    Mea Culpa!
    Mea Culpa X3!!!!

  22. “If I were any of the people getting called I’d be calling a lawyer”
    If I was being called, I’d get Louie the leg breaker’s number toute suite and enlist his defences.The people inciting this nonsense are dangerous and demented, don’t think for a moment they don’t have the power to incite some neanderthal knuckledragger to do their bidding.

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