4 thoughts on “This Is Brilliant

  1. What a hoot!
    I found myself in a rather heated conversation last week with a fellow re: the war in Iraq, The war on terra, and Bush’s performance.Near the end, I swear he wanted to punch me because what I was saying was making sense, what he was saying was pure emotional B.S., such as “We” go out of “Our Way” to keep collateral damage to a minimum by using “smart bombs”, and Even though Iraq may not have had anything to do with the attacks on 9/11, “we” had to show those Muslim bastards we meant business by bombing Baghdad.
    Poor guy had no idea about the PNAC, the “key” players of the administration, no clue about the history of the Mid East.
    Then it returned to Clinton’s winkie, I said “gotta run…”( before my Touretts starts actin’ up again)

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