The Crickets, They Chirp

Glenn Greenwald tells us the nice doggie has issued another threat to lynch U.S. Supreme Court justices. You can read the threat on Glenn’s site; I’m not linking to The Imperial Rabid One. In case you missed it, here’s a screen capture of an earlier lynch threat.

To paraphrase the Confederate Yankee:

When a rightie blogger threatens to assassinate five Supreme Court justices, what response do we get from prominent rightie blogs?


Not one post.

Nothing from Jeff Goldstein or Michelle Malkin; silence from Patterico, the Ace, Rick Moran, and Instapundit. Typical.

Update: The excuses so far:

Riehl World View, on the nice doggie:

I’m not going to condemn that from Misha because I don’t see it as anything other than hyperbole and it’s Misha’s blog and a matter of free individual speech.

Riehl World View, on Debbie Frisch:

No public servant, military man or woman, public school teacher, or even corporate employee would be able to make such remarks without some serious consequences.

I see the quibble about public servants. Do we know what the nice doggie does for a living? He might be a corporate employee, for all we know.

Sister Toljah, on the nice doggie:

Apparently Mr. Greenwald thinks the monolith right (we all speak with one voice, you know) should spend their time scouring the rightie blogosphere and punditocracy for offensive comments and in turn post the obligatory condemnation,

Sister Toljah, on Debbie Frisch:

I wish I could say I was amazed at the lack of significant liberal condemnation (with a couple of exceptions) from the higher ups on the left hand side of the blogosphere over Frisch’s harassment of Goldstein but, sadly, I’m not.

Toljah makes reference to Goldstein’s denial-of-service blackout that coincided with the Frisch flap. She seems to think the DOS “attack” is part of some kind of plot and not the result of (I suspect) Goldstein’s failure to secure adequate server space and bandwidth to accommodate traffic spikes. I’m certainly not aware of any leftie conspiracy to shut down Goldstein’s site. He’s not worth that much effort, frankly.

Update update: See Skippy.

10 thoughts on “The Crickets, They Chirp

  1. “It’s the incitement, stupid.”

    The candidate who speaks and acts as if that were the sign on their war-room wall gets my vote. If not, they’re not talking to me. They’re living on some other planet.

  2. Wow,,, they have gone off of the deep end.But it seems like karl is letting his peons run wild….and it doesn’t seem he plans to get them under control until they kill someone.WHEN, not if , when that happens it will be the kiss of death for the GOP.People will be so outraged and shocked that the moster they created has gotten that out of control.I love that the rightie blogs are so embolden that they feel free to spew what ever extremist death threat the day holds … people of reason are going to get off the ship at some point….I adore Maha… and I love the other lefty blogs…but if one of them were to start suggesting to their readers certain people needed to die… that is where I would say” yikes,, these folks are nuts and I don’t want any part of it”(YES I know better then to dream such things would ever be entertained by the bloggers I spend my time reading,,I was just saying IF)..
    These people fit the definition of terrorism to a tee. They are trying their hardest to make sure the GOP is the minority after the nov elections.I say let em keep talking!!I can’t wait until the rightie blogs starts “supporting” candidates….. think how sweet it will look when a blog who calls for the murder of supreme court justices supports candidate A….Do you want a candidate supported by their very own extremist lynch mob?….”vote for candidate A or else the keyboard lynch mob may target you next”…(show photos of extremist blogger)”do you want these people to start a campaign to hunt down your children ? Vote for candidate A and we may let you live unless you say something we don’t like”Gosh the GOP has a great plan to win the hearts and minds of Americans…
    You can’t Spell GASTAPO without the GOP.Way to go rightie bloggers you are showing the true face of your party.

  3. Don’t you get the feeling of a white supremacy group when you go to the nice doggie site?

  4. Gallup says Bush is back up to 40 percent.

    Karl Rove just can’t lose. No matter how bad it gets, all he has to do is schedule a few photo ops with Uncurious George and get ole Tony Snow to flash his pearly whites.

    Forty percent of the American public fall for this crap every single time. And apparently there’s not a damned thing anybody can do about it.

    Dean writes a book that explains the psychopathology of these right-wing shepherds and their sheep, but that does not matter. The morons of the Republican base do not read books, they just follow orders.

    A depressing way to start the day. Forty percent. And climbing. God save us all.

  5. So Muslims are being arrested for thought crimes [eg., the Sears Tower 7, the Holland Tunnel gang] even if they lack the means, the money and the ability to carry out their imagined threats. But right-wing nuts who call for murdering journalists, judges, liberals et al aren’t arrested. They’re asked to appear on the major media networks. Could someone explain this to me?

  6. zeus — I *totally* get that vibe from the nice doggie site!

    Now, I know I’m opening myself up for criticism for asking this, but at what point are these death threats legally actionable? At what point do we start talking about the 14th amendment instead of viewing this speech purely within the ambit of the 1st amendment? I don’t have a law degree, so I’m not asking this in a purely rhetorical sense; at what point is the line crossed (in the eyes of The Law).

  7. The right’s hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Of course THEY believe all knife cuts should be inflicted on their enemies.

  8. at what point are these death threats legally actionable?

    That’s a good point. Seems to me that if someone issues a credible death threat on a blog or online forum, the correct thing to do is not to get the whole bleeping blogosphere drawn into a flame war over it but to alert the authorities. You’d send it to Phoenix police, say, and let them know that this person made this threat, and maybe they should check it out. If the threats are credible, the last thing you want to do is bait and inflame the threatening individual even more.

    The fact that righties went with the “bait and inflame” course tells me that either they don’t have the sense God gave onions — possible — or that they knew the threat was not credible, but they made a Big Bleeping Deal out of it anyway because it gave them a self-righteous platform for expressing their venomous hatred of lefties.

    In the case of the nice doggie — yeah, it’s probably hyperbole. Probably, I say; the nice doggie is not the most stable puppy in the kennel. But let’s assume he doesn’t really mean it. That kind of talk could very well incite someone else to attempt assassination of a Supreme Court justice. The world is full of miswired people who have been incited into committing crimes with much less provocation.

    I have a long-standing policy here of not allowing commenters to even joke about assassinations for that reason.

  9. After novak admitted yesterday karl WAS one of the people who disclosed classified info to him I am livid karl is still getting a paycheck via the American tax payer.As I look around the blog world this morning I guess I am the only one mad about it.
    Bush said he wanted to know who… now he has his answer.. and no one is demanding he take action.But I get it…Americans are just too busy enjoying summer fun to be bothered. A whitehouse employee is leaking the names of covert CIA agents to the press? Pass the potato salad would ya?…I guess it is true people get the governments they deserve.

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