Boys and Girls?

I see that The Decider has issued his first veto. What’s with “these boys and girls are not spare parts”? Boys and girls?

There are a lot of children in the Middle East who weren’t spare parts, but The Decider didn’t seem interested in protecting them.

I don’t have time for a proper commentary, but discuss away …

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  1. what about katrina? he did not care about them and they were little children. oh, forgot, the color was not right. with bush signing his first veto on this glorious bill, he had to do it behind closed doors, press not allowed????!!!!! he should have brought everyone in to see this god blessed jesus filled signing. throw the doors open, invite evryone. you only do it in hiding when you are doing something wrong, or, or, oR, OR when you are signing something where pictures could be taken and the dems could use them for these elections. i am not a praying atheist but god if you do exist please, please let us have the opportunity to try and convict this man and friends,for war crimes. i want to see his picture looking out from bars, i want to use that picture to vent my ever growing hatred of these people.

  2. forgot—did not see photo op with the little snowflakes, but were there any black couples? snowflakes are always white, right!!!!!?????

  3. Well hell, he’s convinced me. I’m going to tell my senators to vote against letting researchers harvest organs from snowflake kids. If, y’know, anybody proposes that.

  4. Daniel, thanks. That thought-theater visual display about stem cellls is excellent.

    Maha, in a previous post on 7-16-06 …US Politics vs US Foreign Policy, offered a link to ‘Freeps are celebrating the deaths of Lebanese children’. It is worth reading to see how purely evil are some of the Bushites when it comes to the deaths of real children. I can imagine how the BBB [Bush Base Bloodlust] needs to cover its evil nature with a mask of ‘righteousness’. The handy-mask used right now is ‘we are protectors of embryonic stem cells because they represent human life’ [which protection actually means to throw them into a trash bin].

    When I was a child going to Sunday School, we sang a song:
    “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.
    Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight.
    Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

    The so-called ‘Christians’ that prefer to protect cells in a petri dish while ignoring [or even celebrating] the deaths of children in Iraq and Lebanon and Palestine must have really changed the lyrics to that Sunday School song.

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  6. “My father crapped bigger ones than George Bush.” – Ronald Reagan Jr.

    Your turn Nancy – you know you wanna. Do it for the Gipper.

  7. Here in my two cents on the stem cell debate; The neocons and bush are blowing straw men by pointing to the hundreds, perhaps thousands of children born while ignoring the potential to help millions of people already born of all ages including unborn children .
    It seems to me there is enough”raw material” to do both research and provide couples with babies for bush to use in photo ops.And if this “raw material” was mine(so to speak) I would want to know what I could not use would not go to waste in some freezer.

    Donna,, how much would the neocons hate Jesus if he walked the earth today talking all that “Jesus loves the little children,ALL the little children of the world”???He would be a Hezbolla lover!(gasp)!!!And anti American to suggest he loved all the little children of the world(gasp)!!! That just doesn’t square with the “God bless America” way of thinking…why he would be helping the terrorists win with that kinda talk!!!Next thing you know he will be suggesting insane ideals like peace..Jesus would turn the other cheek for the terrorists…Why does he hate America??
    Without stem cell research we have no chance of repairing the republicons brain defect.

  8. Justme– you have just enumerated the reasons why the reigning superpower in the first century (the Roman Empire) crucified Jesus. Loving all the children of the world is far more dangerous (to national security, etc.) than our Sunday School teachers could have imagined.

  9. It’s truly wonderful that these ‘snowflake’ babies were ‘adopted’ by childless parents that are parents because of the miracles of modern science. What would these parents (and president) say to the parents of the sick child that might otherwise be saved through the use of the embryo that will be thrown away. You got your ‘snowflake’ and they lost their child. Isn’t there room for both scenarios? To attend this ‘veto’ ceremony with your ‘snowflakes’ in tow is truly disgusting.

  10. If it weren’t for science and research there wouldn’t be “snowflake” babies. Period.

  11. Mamameow — They were all white couples in the photo that I saw. I don’t think he felt the need to add diversity to the photo op since the veto was for his “base” anyway.

  12. The hypocrisy of this admin and it’s supporters knows no bounds. They are “saving” microscopic cells yet the living, breathing humans who can use this research are unimportant. What lies they spread to promote their agenda and the good puppy press doesn’t call them on it (HOW many times has that been said?!?!). Mamameow, I second your desire to see these criminals behind bars . If I were a praying person, I would beseech the god(s) to render justice so richly deserved.

  13. I’d pray to that too!
    (The Prayer of Meowmama — true justice for the true war criminals)

  14. The stem cell veto is his first VETO of a Congressional Bill, but is it really his first veto? This veto is only the tip of the iceberg that Bush has wrought upon us with his “signing statements” on other bills.

    Veto vs. Signing Statement

    Let’s say the Dems control both houses after the fall elections. We finally pass this stem cell bill by veto proof margins. Will Bush negate this law, or any future law passed by a Democratic Congress, by his “signing statement”?

    Bush has previously said that the “signing statement” defines his interpretation of the law and also the “weight” of the effort to enforce this law.

    The question is: Are signing statements going to be the same thing as a Veto of a veto-proof law? This is a very scary question. Remember, Bush’s “signing statements” have been on Repug passed legislation. What will these “signing statements” have on Democratic passed legislation?

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  16. Check out singing embyros on last night’s Daily Show.

    Logical fallacy: All people were once embryos, but all embryos do not become people. Large number spontaneously abort.

    If you’re religious, you could comfort yourself by positing that god created a special place for these flecks of humanity. Even the R.C. church is catching on (for strictly pragmatic reasons). For quite some time (its whole history?), the R.C. church said that unbaptized babies did not go to heaven. If I remember right (it’s been half a century since I knew this), they went somewhere just as nice, but never got to see god’s face. Now recently, given the R.C.’s quest to convert Africans who often can’t get to a priest easily, the R.C. church, in its infallible wisdom, has decided that unbaptized babies go to heaven after all. If the R.C.s can do it, why not the rest of the christian wingnuts?

  17. Whatever reason Bush had, he just sentenced my 22 year old son suffering from Congestive heart failure since the age of 14 to a heart transplant someday. I would love to have Bush giving that veto speech at the UCSF Medical Center Pediatric ward in Sanfrancisco which is full of children with heart problems.
    I wish Bush would give that speech to my son as he is suffering from heat exhaustion this week as the Lasix he takes everyday to remove fluid from his body takes every ounce of strength he has.
    I wish for Bush to go with my son to his next Cardiology appointment for a heart sonogram to see if his heart is failing.
    I wish Bush could see the look in my sons face as he protects “snowflakes” and my son wonders if he’ll ever live long enough to have children.

  18. What good points are made by ocdemocrat that this Bush team sneers at laws and uses signing statements as effective vetoes of the people’s will as expressed by our representatives and senators.

    I was thinking today that we are facing an unthinkable possibility that the criminals in charge of the executive branch, up to now aided and abetted by a lap-dog congress, might really destroy the America we have known and loved.

    The leaders of our country are not loyal to our heritage or values. They are loyal to an ideology which embraces concepts of collective punishment, and torture, and racism, and ‘pre-emptive’ war, and ‘might makes right’. I watch in horror, realizing that our ‘leaders’, by chosing inaction vis a vis Israel’s destructive bombings, are actively complicit in the deaths of hundreds of innocents in the Mid-East. They shun the teachings of Jesus in order to find hell-fire and brimstone passages which can be twist-interpreted to justify their own and their friends’ evil actions and power-over war-mongering.

    This non-action, and insane purposeful delaying of relief to those Lebanese and Palestinians pleading for help reminds me of Katrina when hundreds of Americans perished because the administration had been busy turning FEMA into a scrumptious patronage pie instead of caring about actually serving and protecting Americans.

    Again, about the Mid-East crisis, I ask CUI BONO? Can this Israeli war behavior be about territory and resources, all of course, hidden behind the headline grabbing rhetoric? [Just as the Bush administration is all about benefitting their buddies].

    In the news this last 24 hours are two clues about CUI BONO.
    1]The Israeli government now wants a ‘buffer zone’ carved out of south Lebanon. Right, this means that the Israelis would now be able to stop the Lebanese villages from getting drinking water from the Wazzani River, to which the Lebanese have riparian rights from a 1953 ruling. When Lebanon actually tapped into the Wazzani to get just a small portion of their water rights in 2002, Israel threatened ‘war’ then….and that conflict was only stemmed with international help from U.S. mediators. [Did you know that the Israelis control water use in the occupied territories and that they allow Jewish settlers to dig wells as deep as 750 meters but allow Palestinian wells to be only 140 meters deep?]
    Israel could well create a ‘buffer zone’ on their side of the border, but, like the ‘wall’, prefer to create it using up the land of others, especially if, in this instance, that allows them control of Lebanese water use.
    2]In today’s NYT: “Israel may now decide not to evacuate their [illegal] settlements in the West Bank” [the West Bank being the most valuable of water-served land]. The reasoning goes like this: Well, since we’ve given up territory in Lebanon [occupied for some 20 years] and given up Gaza,…. we have had [nit-picky]border problems. So if we give up our [illegal confiscation] use of West Bank territory, that might mean just more border problems. Whew, self-serving logic! Hey, as I said, Israel benefits from these wars, what with the powerful USA providing tons of money and munitions, because each war always lead to more ‘justified’ grabbing of what belongs to others. It is the perfect ‘dance of evil’ with Israel stomping the life out of its neighbors, then feeling justified in stealing from its neighbors because of ‘terrorism’. The Israel I watch play this game needs the other side to always be collectively ‘terrorist’ defined. [Which is why both Hamas and Hisbollah really threatened Israel when they joined the political route and won elections] The Bush team and far too many American weenie leaders also know this game. Yell ‘terrorism’ and watch what can be stolen from others and the masses while the attention-diverted public meekly goes along because of the ‘threats’.

    The only requirement needed to get in as a player in this ‘dance of evil’ is to give up your caring about the value of life, and to be able to ramp up the rhetoric about whomever you want to target as ‘ok to kill’. I am not saying that the Israeli public or the American public is evil, but I do think both are failing to see the evil in their own governments.

    Which leads to my prayer: “Dear God, please help us to know the truth and help us to stand firm against evil wherever we find it. Especially help us to know when evil has lodged itself in our own actions and reactions. Amen.”

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