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  1. The site seems to be down. Must be quite a call. Could you please summarize it in an update?


  2. Notice all the new video cameras around?
    They are everywhere in FL.
    On the interstates and toll roads there are large diameter (4′) X 100′ high galvanized steel poles with omnidirectional cameras every half mile, makes me wonder what’s up.( they ain’t cheap)
    Since everyone and their brother now has a cell phone, it’s not likely for safety, and the news teams get choppers in the air quickly to be the first on a grisly accident or crime scene.
    Most intersections in town now have cameras also.
    Orwell missed by 20 years….

  3. Crap!!! You know, I sure don’t mind calling (again) and faxing(again,, my last fax on this topic was 6 pages),, but somehow I get the feeling the entire Judiciary and my local senators might just agree to step down if they never had to hear from me again.

    I have noticed that no matter how polite I am(I always am) , no matter how to the point I am, no matter what facts I present only one republicon that I have contacted(via e mail,fax or telephone)bothered to write me back..(Grassley) and only ONE time…scores of others go without an answer….Democrats, however ALWAYS respond , even when I complain about their actions.

    I really respect the Democrats for their reply to whatever I have to say.I have NEVER gotten a form letter, and they address every concern I bring up…even though I am not some fancy K street lobbyist.I don’t give them a lot of money for their ear , or their actions but at least they hear me out.Republicons don’t seem to want to waste time hearing from anyone who is not lining their pockets…perhaps we should start a firm to lobby for the American people. Our voice has been drown out by big business.

    I pay those jerks good money. The least they can do is listen to me when I take the time to say something to them…a simple response of “I understand your point but I don’t agree” shouldn’t be too much to ask for.. hell the taxpayer even pays postage!I guess we need to take a giant speaker on the back of a flat bed semi trailer to the congress…”CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???”

    So yes,, I will call…150 million times if thats what it takes..but perhaps it is time for more…like a modern day boston tea party…This is an issue worthy of standing up for…maybe it is time to find a new way to make a stand.A peaceful way.We have been so lucky(up until now) to live in this country the way it was bb(before bush)…I can’t stand the thought future generations won’t ever know about it except from folklore. It is worth making sure they LIVE it, rather than hear stories about it.

    Maha wrote about chickenhawks, (great piece BTW)..but doesn’t that go both ways?.At somepoint don’t we have to stand up for those things that really matter?We can’t just cheer- lead…are we going to just let our civil rights and the rule of law fizzle out and know all we did to try to stop it was nothing?A few phone calls and a fax and ,,oh well we did the best we could?Who knew that we would let go of the things our forefathers fought so hard to make sure we had, with such ease?

    Do you think who ever has their eye on the office next will give the rights back to us??Please…Who ever “they” are, they are watching how easy it is for bush to break the law and they have to be drooling over the thought of what they will be able to do.

    Worse thought… Why would bush leave?Because the constitution says so?? Your joking right?You might say no.. that would never happen? That there would be an uprise??Would there? Really? Now would be the time not for an uprising…but to stop it…Once the specter bill becomes law it is too late to bitch about the constitution THEN…I don’t know what but it is time to do more then call and fax…YES do that,, but there has to be something else too….something LEGAL ..2 wrongs never make a right.Protests don’t work…it’s time to think outside the box

    So I guess the question for anyone reading this… the question for all voters in Nov , the Question we on the left should be asking America is simple…HAD ENOUGH???

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