New York Times editorial:

But this primary is not about Mr. Lieberman’s legislative record. Instead it has become a referendum on his warped version of bipartisanship, in which the never-ending war on terror becomes an excuse for silence and inaction. We endorse Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary for Senate in Connecticut.

Update: Don’t miss Digby’s smackdown of David Broder, the dean of wankers.

4 thoughts on “Amen

  1. Lieberman, Lieberman, the lamb of the Democratic Party. The perfect propitiation for the sins of the Neocons.

    Lieberman is going down in flames..and the good thing is that he’s going because of Iraq. Accountabilty?..what a concept!

  2. Liberman is no lamb; he brought this on himself. No one is being sacrificed here.

    He should go down in flames.

    GO NED – JOE is DEAD!

  3. OK, he’s a goat.. my point was that there are many democrats who have been nuzzling up to Bush’s scotum who are going to escape the political condemnations and judgements they so rightly deserve. They’ve been compliant as a crackwhore in indulging Bush’s systematic destruction of America and his bid for unbridled power. As glad as I am to see Lieberman get the boot..he’s not a lone collaborator.

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