4 thoughts on “The Drug of Militarism

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  3. Now it’s a sorta, kinda, maybe a low velocity type of Civil War that might depend on the situation that develops.

    It looks like they’re positioning to throw in the towel..Like a little boy reluctant to admit to the fullness of his misdeeds, they just can’t handle a full accounting…for now.

  4. Looks like the military is in “don’t blame us mode”. They will admit it when the administration will not. Bush has for years now responded to every question with a ” my generals are in charge and will let me know if they need anything if they are winning if they are losing if they are sending any troops home etc” whatever the question was as if he didn’t send them to Iraq, as if they just went there by themslves. He has publicly disavowed actual connection to the failure, but just said ‘ stay the course’ and pretended it wasn’t he that had failed. Rummy as usual is spinning uselessly and pretending that a micromanager such as himself( remember snowflakes he sent all over Washington trying to micromanage the entire town?) isn’t connected to anything in Iraq either and he is just too busy to go to Congress and level with anybody. Meanwhile today McCain asked Casey about’ didn’t he see this coming a year ago” and there was the longest pregnant pause you ever didn’t hear before his denial. Sorry it was McCain and not a Dem but at least since it was McCain it’ll get airplay this evening. Iraq is soo over.

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