Nail Biting


He’s announcing his third-party run as well, the creep.

More update: It’s official; Ned wins. Right now about 98% of votes are counted, and Lamont is up by about 3.6 points. Lieberman is still going for a general election win. Pathetic.

Kos writes about next steps.


I’m watching Connecticut returns on four different web sites. The spread between Lamont and Lieberman gets tighter as the votes come in. Grrr.

In other news — Tom DeLay wants his name off the ballot.


71.79% of precincts reporting —

Lamont, Ned — 100,425 — 51.61%

Lieberman, Joe — 94,148 — 48.39%


76.87% of precincts reporting —

Lamont — 109,239 — 51.76%

Lieberman — 101,818 — 48.24%

Update: 80% of precincts reporting, percentage remains the same.

Update: 83.56% of precincts —

Lamont — 120,616 — 51.88%

Lieberman — 111,887 — 48.12%

Update: 89.17% of precincts reporting —

Lamont — 127,786 — 51.60%

Lieberman — 119,867 — 48.40%

Update: 93.85% of precincts reporting —

Lamont — 134,942 — 51.65%

Lieberman — 126,330 — 48.35%

Update: 95.32% of precincts reporting —

Lamont — 138,836 — 51.92%

Lieberman — 128,566 — 48.08%

12 thoughts on “Nail Biting

  1. Win or lose…Lieberman got the message. he’s starting to sound like Cool-hand Luke…”I got my head right, boss”

  2. It’s about time Bush’s war on terra started producing some meaningful casualties. To steal a line from John F Kennedy…”Let the word go forth”…

  3. My husband is watching Faux…tomorrow is going to be a bad day for the netroots. They are eventually going to get over it.

    Still unresolved issues, according to the Fox. Screw them. On to November.

  4. After some on the left like Chris Dodd running around saying Lieberman was a good Democrat , Lieberman has some nerve to pull this crap…good Democrat my ass.I like the new”sore/loserman” signs,, they are great!!!

    The voters have spoken… I guess that shows how much politicians LISTEN to the voters….Shame on them!!!!!

  5. OMG, what a frightening development! Voters using their own minds and their own power to actually [faint] choose for themselves!! [snark]
    Will this threat continue into November to undermine that [designed by incumbents] preferred form of ‘substitute spin for reality’ that bypasses voters wishes? Let’s hope to find out!
    Good for you, Connecticut dems…..

  6. Yeah! What a happy headline!

    I couldn’t believe this quote in today’s NYT: “For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot, I will not let this result stand,” Mr. Lieberman said of the Lamont victory.” He actually said “I will not let this result stand.” It’s one thing to have contempt for democracy, but it’s another thing to reveal it so nakedly in your “concession” speech.

  7. The people of Ct have spoken. Any Democrat who does not support their choice can only be classified as Republican-lite and should suffer the consequences! Sen. Lieberman lost not only because of his support for Bush’s war but because he took every opportunity to “stick it to the Democrats” on this issue. Thank you Ct voters for what I hope will be a wakeup call across this country.

  8. The way Lieberslug ended this reminds me of the election in Taiwan where the pres and vp were “shot” the day before the election. (the two were in an open car at a rally and suddenly they slumped over. The official line later was they were shot in the knee or something ridiculous. Joe’s last minute slurs and web page doctoring seemed to help the weasel out a little. And yeah, I’m progressive and calling someone I don’t like names any trolls wanna make a big deal about it?)

  9. You know here it is… this is not about lieberman or Lamont this is about the “people” who want someone…ANYONE to rein in this out of control administration.

    This isn’t about right and left it is about people who have had enough of the out of control spending, they have had enough of spending billions in Iraq with no one called to account for where the money goes,they are SICK of bush selling our country to china via our debt, and they are sick of no one doing anything about it…last night they sent a message for all of us, and they set a fine example of democracy…..however maybe PJ doesn’t recognize it because our army didn’t occupy Conn when they voted.

    How bushed up in the head do you have to be to think the voters making their choice equals death to the Democratic party?That is only a threat to the GOP.Elections based on who the people want?? outragous!!!!

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