9 thoughts on “Warriors and/or Wankers

  1. Hmmm…
    Food for thought! Bin Laden? Lex Luthor? Both are three syllables. Could it be?
    Wait, could be…

    You know that after reading Camus, Shrub thinks he’s Clark “Kant,” fighting evil for “Truthiness, Just US, and the American’s Say!”

    We American’s must have been really evil in a prior life to deserve this shit-for-brains as President. Dumbaya IS Lex!

    God save us. Diebold won’t…

    PS: The “sinestrosphere” ain’t nothin’ compared with the Right-wing “Sinustrosphere”. Sinustrosphere” = sticking your nose in everyone’s business. Also known as Schiavotroshpere.

  2. You type gooder than me sometimes.
    ‘course I can blame fat fingers, poor vision, and (sometimes ) Hineken. Besides, this dad-burn haloscan has no spell check (that I’m aware of).
    We can call the rightie blogs “Dickheadistan”, seems to fit the slot nicely….

  3. erinyes,
    No, You’re a betterer typerer than I am.
    I, unlike you, suffer sometimes from “Pilsnerism.” And I also have poor vision, fat finger’s and, as some have told me, a fat head.
    I like “Dickheadistan!” A lot!!!
    What do you think of the “Fear O’Sphere?”

  4. Pilsnerism?…. I’m suffering from ganjavitis, and during flare-ups it’s a struggle to be coherent.

  5. erinyes,
    You’re right. What about Fearastan?

    Sharing is caring !
    Don’t Bogart that joint, my friend…. 🙂

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