The Betrayer

Sidney Blumenthal explains why George Bush needs Joe Lieberman in the Senate.

Lieberman has become an active obstacle to Democratic victory and one of the key bulwarks for protecting Bush’s one-party rule, essential for him to remain unaccountable for the rest of his presidency. For Bush, that is the importance of Lieberman.

3 thoughts on “The Betrayer

  1. Nothing has changed. Look at Joe’s career. He’s always been a wanker. The MSM has decided that McCain is a maverick and that Joe is a nice moderate guy, a peacemaker. If you look at the facts, neither is true. (Also, how creepy is it that one hugged Bush and the other was kissed by him. I’m just surprised there are no pictures of them kissing Bush’s ring. Or anything else, for that matter.)

    I lived in NY when Joe ran against Weicker. He was about as ugly as you can get in ’88. He won. He won ugly. And that’s a lesson he learned for himself. An ugly win is still a win. And he sees that ugly keeps winning. It’s worked for Republican’s for years.

    Joe doesn’t care how much havoc he wreaks in his vanity run. He sees himself as being the ultimate power broker if the Senate is close to a 50 – 50 tie. He sees Democrat’s and Republican’s groveling at his feet. Begging for the scraps that only Joe can dispense. He’ll see himself as a Great Leader. But he’s no leader; never has been – and that probably cost Gore the Presidency.

    Joe’s an ugly, vain and craven little man who is desperate to cling to every crumb of power. At any cost. Democrat’s need to go for his “Joe”gular. Tell him to “Joe” to Hell!!!
    “Joe” to Hell, Joe. “JOE TO HELL!!!

  2. Does Bush even remember noted Republican Stooge Joe Lieberman? Was their spit swap anything more than a one night stand to Dear Leader? Since then it has all been RSJL doing all the calling and no call back from the Bush until Rove saw the value of another quickie with RSJL. And it will be the rest of the country that needs a course of penicillin.

  3. The get-out-the-Republican-vote aspect of his “independent” candidacy is rather disturbing. If Joe helps keep Republican control of the House, keeps his Senate seat, is offered the Secretary of Defense position and takes it, and is replaced with a Republican by a Republican governor, even the most forgiving of Democrats will have profound difficulties forgiving him.

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