10 thoughts on “If It Was Good Enough for Hiroshima …

  1. He does put in the caveat “I’m not suggesting” the use of nuclear weapons, but that’s hogwash.

    Since Pluto has just been de-listed as a planet, can we please get NASA to send these guys there?

  2. That’s “pre-cold war thinking” in the sense of “final solution” thinking. Why don’t they just break out the swastikas and be done with it?

  3. It seems like these neanderthals will always be with us. I believe it was General Curtis E LeMay and a few others who wanted to “solve” the VietNam war this way. One of my neighbors, a joe sixpack type, who works as a tow truck dispatcher, voiced a similar urging (“Push the Button!”) when we were fighting in Afghanistan after 9/11, as though it were just another button on his remote control, right next to “Mute”.

    Where are the voices of wisdom who will stand up for Peace to face down these bloodthirsty idiots? I don’t mean the wimpy peace of infantile flower children, but the peace of those who are experienced with conflict, the price of war, and who are driven to find a better way.

  4. Is it the ghost of Neville Chamberlain clanging in Mr.Williams’ keyboard that I hear?

    Walter needs to bone up on his history. He’s just so full of shit that you have to dismiss him as a literary whore trying to make a buck with words. His first paragraph gives him away as a cheap trick or a complete clown, and nothing in his writings approaches respectablity.

  5. In the immortal words of Randy Newman, ‘Boom goes London, Boom Par-ee, there’s more room for you and more room for me…”

    When did characters from Dr. Strangelove become acceptable members of the punditry?

    What Williams laments as the ‘weakness of our will’ is what normal (non-sociopathic) people would call ‘basic human decency’ and ‘what separates us from utter barbarism.’

  6. No no ,, you guys,, righties are correct for once,,,,but they are thinking too small,,,, we must not stop with the mideast if we wish to be safe,,,,we must take out the entire rest of the world or we are just pussies who are sure to be sorry rather than safe if we allow even someone who MAY someday become our enemy to live even one more day.We can’t be truely safe as long as there are “others” because if they do not wish us harm now, they may someday.Even our British lap dogs COULD turn on us, and they are breeding terrorists left and right over there….
    Have you not heard the righties new line?? About how we tried peace before and it didn’t work so now we are trying ,,,-well, what ever the hell it is we are doing now….-anyhow going from country to country changing leaders around isn’t working either so what is left except killing the entire world but ourselves…???Or don’t we have the resolve to move past the mid east????If their idea of just bombing countries off the planet is good enough for the mid east why not the rest of the world too?Are righties really so stupid to think we can just off who we want without the rest of the world plotting against us???Why wouldn’t say,asia, take us out after we eliminated the mid east,fearing we were gunning for them also?….

    You understand that this kind of thinking is not only insane and shallow, and “Pre- cold war thinking” but it is more like pre- grown up thinking….The idea that we will be safe if the mid east were only blown off the map is almost pre brain thinking…

    Also what said rightie forgot to mention was the main reason the mid east will never be blown off the map, and it has nothing to do with guts,,,,it’s greedy people like him and rich oil companies that don’t have the guts to destroy THEIR supply of oil… talk about dishonesty….

    And why is said rightie wetting his pants?? I thought the rights talking point was how WONDERFUL things are going in Iraq..why is the writer wringing his hands with fear when things are so wonderful there???Why consider nuking a region where we are winning? It can’t be both ways, either we are doing so bad we must consider nuking our way out of the problem or things are dandy,, which is it????…

    Someone get a mop, some depends and a bedpan and send them to the right in their safe rooms please.

  7. The answer is to send the rabidly pro war to where the action is.
    One day in full battle gear in 100 degree plus weather, one day with no Starbucks,shower, morning paper,Bill O’Reilly, or (Burp) Millwaukee’s best will have a profound effect on the armchair warriors.
    They are prolife only for the unborn and the brain dead……..

  8. justme, your comments are great!

    Righties like this stupid guy always declaratively offer some unexamined assumption as though it is ‘fact’ and then build their whole ‘argument’ on that shifty sand base. The underlying unexamined assumption of this guy’s position is that ‘whole nations of people can be lumped into good/bad categories’.

    It really is tiresome to see such immaturity get into print.

  9. Justme “pre-brain thinking” – yes! The situation with Iran strikes me as incredibly frightening. G. Greenwald points out that Bush doesn’t think he needs anyone’s approval (like Congress, the people he’s governing, etc) to strike Iran and all of us know what a disaster that will turn out to be. Are our troops going to be moved out of the way when the clouds of fallout move over them? Juan Cole has a stellar must-read post about the latest concern from Republicans (mainly Bolton) that the CIA isn’t offering up enough sexy intel to justify a bombing. Joe Conason has a great article in salon about how US policies have drastically helped Iran’s bargaining position.

    So, it’s scary and frightening, but (as Donna points out) there’s also an immature grade school element to our international “diplomacy.” I can almost hear Bush say “he started it!” “he pushed me first!” “your name is funny sounding!” “my brother can beat you up!” “mommmm! make him stop!” — in between fart jokes, of course.

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