Long Live the King

A fictional docudrama made for British television features the assassination of President Bush in October 2007.

Death of a President, shot in the style of a retrospective documentary, looks at the effect the assassination of Bush has on America in light of its ‘War on Terror’.

The 90 minutes feature explores who could have planned the murder, with a Syrian-born man wrongly put in the frame.

Peter Dale, head of More4, which is due to air the film on October 9, said the drama was a “thought-provoking critique” of contemporary US society.

He said: “It’s an extraordinarily gripping and powerful piece of work, a drama constructed like a documentary that looks back at the assassination of George Bush as the starting point for a very gripping detective story.

“It’s a pointed political examination of what the War on Terror did to the American body politic.

“I’m sure that there will be people who will be upset by it but when you watch it you realise what a sophisticated piece of work it is.

“It’s not sensationalist, or simplistic but a very thought-provoking, powerful drama. I hope people will see that the intention behind it is good.”

The film will premier at the Toronto Film Festival in September and was written and directed by Gabriel Range.

Before Michelle Malkin sees this and uses up the world’s supply of exclamation points blogging about it, let me say that I sincerely do not want President Bush to be assassinated.

I’m not saying it was wrong to make “Death of a President,” which of course I haven’t seen (and don’t expect to anytime soon, as I sincerely doubt it will be shown on American television). The work may or may not be good drama and may or may not make some excellent points about American political culture. I’m just saying I don’t want Bush to be assassinated. Really, truly. Here are the top ten reasons why:

10. Regular television programming would be pre-empted for days, except maybe for the Super Bowl.

9. News coverage of the assassination and state funeral would shine the rosiest light possible on the President’s memory, causing some viewers to think maybe he wasn’t so bad, after all. (In fact, this might be the only way Bush could get his approval numbers over 50 percent again.)

8. Darryl Worley would record a song about it.

7. For the next several months you wouldn’t be able to pass a supermarket tabloid rack without seeing pictures of Bush and Jesus — together forever.

6. You’d have to listen to your wingnut father-in-law rant about it all through Thanksgiving dinner.

5. The Right collectively would become even more paranoid than it is already.

4. For the rest of your life, you’d have to listen to people referring to Bush as a “martyred president.”

3. The assassination would fuel a whole new generation of conspiracy theorists.

2. Bush wouldn’t live long enough to see what historians will write about his presidency.

1. Dick Cheney.

Need I say more?

Update: Gracious, poor Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House came down with the vapors over my post, above, which I figured even a rightie would recognize as mere silliness. (Some people have no sense of humor.)

He also says “Malkin has a tour de force roundup of the history of lefty assassination fantasies.” So I took a look and was stunned to see the first entry: “Sarah Vowell’s best-selling murder travelogue of assassinated Republican presidents, Assassination Vacation.”

Wow, talk about distortion! Vowell’s book describes her travels — something of a pilgrimmage — visiting monuments, museums, and myriad historical sites connected to the first three presidential assassinations — Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley. As it happens these guys were all Republicans, but it is hardly Vowell’s fault that no Democratic presidents were assassinated in the 19th century. Vowell’s schtick is to find little-known or fogotten places and facts and dredge them out of the history memory hole, and Kennedy’s assassination is too recent — and still too much discussed — to have given her much to write about. It’s funny but also thoughtful and respectful — affectionate, even — toward the presidents she discusses. This book is especially recommended for history nerds.

If this is the best Malkin can come up with in the way of “lefty assassination fantasies,” that pretty much proves Dave Neiwert’s contention that righties express wishes for death or physical harm of their political opponents much more often than lefties do.

Her other examples were :

* A novel I never heard of by an author I never heard of — Nicholson Baker’s Checkpoint. I cannot comment as I have not read the novel. I googled “Nicholson Baker” but found no clues about his political opinions.

* Something Randi Rhodes said in 2004.

* A comment by a Guardian columnist, Charlie Brooker, also from 2004:

On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod’s law dictates he’ll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four more years of idiocy, arrogance and unwarranted bloodshed, with no benevolent deity to watch over and save us. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr – where are you now that we need you?

I’ll let that stand without comment. The rest of Malkin’s “evidence” consists of four examples of “art” — a poster, a T-shirt, a button, and a hand-drawn protest sign — wishing violence on the President. I have never seen these anywhere but on Malkin’s blog.

And that’s it. Hell, you can get more examples of rightie assassination fantasies from Ann Coulter alone.

Have I mentioned before that righties are pathetic? I believe I have.

36 thoughts on “Long Live the King

  1. “Need I say more?”
    Martial law comes to mind.Blaming it on another Muslim country, then laying it to waste also pops up in my lowly brain.

    As for reason 1, dick Cheney indeed!
    But seriously, what if the movie
    was broadcast a’ la War of the Worlds, and people thought it was happening? Interesting…
    Rest assured, I don’t want any harm befalling the “Decider” either.
    He needs to regard his handiwork well into his retirement until he once again is intimate with pampers and pablum.

  2. Who would assassinate Bush but a “foreign terrorist,” since all our gun nuts love him? In which case the movie is not about the assassination of an incompetent boob, but about how World War III begins. Sounds like the British producers didn’t think that scenario through.

  3. I know another group of potential assassins; Bush’s corporate backers. As a way of cutting their losses and consolidating their gains by martyrizing their most conspicuous failure. We all know they’re capable of such treachery. They’d call it a stab in the back, of course, and blame the usual suspects, by the usual process of projection.


  5. Republican presidents never die in assassination attempts anymore because Dems always aim for their hearts. They can’t hit what ain’t there.

    I actually think it’s kinda crappy to do a movie about the killing of a sitting president. Since it’s not an American movie, I guess it’s not as bad, because I’d hate to see such a movie give any whacko here ideas.

    But here’s another to add to your list:

    11) People would claim he’s not dead, but in a secret suite in a hospital somewhere, in a persistent vegetative state. Videos would leak out and everyone – not just Bill Frist – would hear him making unintelligible throat sounds and think he’s acting just like he always has and they’d vote to re-elect him to a third term.

  6. I don’t want to see anything happen to bush either,then the bastard can’t stand trial for war crimes…As many people as that SOB has made suffer there would be NO justice in his death.That would sort of be like when Ken Lay died before he could serve his time…look at all the people to whom justice was denied upon his death..What a rip off that would be to the world!!!!!!!!!!Death is far too good for bush, may he live to suffer in a cell for MANY MANY years.Thats right ,righties,,I said it,,,,I threaten LIFE (gasp!!!)

    Your #1 was the best reason…holy crap!!!!

  7. I’m encouraged by this movie and hope the introspection is well done. I also hope against hope that it doesn’t polarize this country even further, nor encourage our more angry countrymen to act on the film’s premise. Of course our minders won’t let it be shown on television here, but you might be able to see it at some art house is my guess.

    There was a roughly analogous film earlier this year, C.S.A. by Spike Lee, based on the idea that the Confederate states had won the Civil War. Wish I had seen that one.

    I happened to see Saint Ronnie’s funeral procession cruise by, as I travelled in the opposite lanes of CA route 118, aka The Ronald Reagan Freeway, as the dead king’s body was ferried back to his ranch. The procession passed under a gigantic 50 foot American flag suspended from hook and ladder firetrucks, which were parked on an overpass. Even if you had been hiding under a rock for days, and missed the All-Ronnie, All-The-Time, TV coverage, you couldn’t help but sense that Some Heavy Dude was passing by in the other lane. I can well imagine Shrub’s funeral possessing the same level of theatrics but without the heft.

  8. I can well imagine Shrub’s funeral possessing the same level of theatrics but without the heft.

    Several ex-presidents have died in my lifetime, but the only funerals I remember are Kennedy’s (not an ex, of course) and Reagan’s. The rest of ’em must have been sent off in a great deal more modest fashion.

  9. And the Moran takes the bait. Jeebus, that guy is an idiot.

    Before Michelle Malkin sees this and uses up the world’s supply of exclamation points blogging about it,

    Too late, apparently–the Moran says she has a ‘tour de force’ roundup of left-wing assassination theories.

    By the way, I’m guessing the program will be very good; the Brits have an excellent track record with political drama (e.g., House of Cards and A Very British Coup).

  10. Tom — I looked at Michelle Malkin’s “tour de force” list and discussed it in an update to the post. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. Her first example is a lie.

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  13. Michelle Malkin has the intellectual heft of a sophomore who cuts history class to flirt with the star quarterback and on history exam day, invents her own version from a 5 minute review of a D student’s notes.

    Really, I don’t understand why anyone gets upset about a person so deficient in her grasp of the facts, whose adolescent biases limits her capacity to even understand the topics under debate by those who attended class.

    Coulter deliberately outrages but knows she’s playing games. Malkin’s unaware, lacks any concept of satire and is little more than a groupie who thinks the quarterback really really loves her. Everytime I read her stuff, I feel an enormous amount of pity, despite her hatefulness.

  14. Honestly- and I know this is going to get me flamed- I don’t want Bush to be assassinated because he’s a person with a family. He has sent many a person with family off to the Middle East on his great adventure and many of them have not come back. Many more have come back in some sort of altered form. Those crimes are reprehensible and I am sure that none of the war widows and war orphans would wish their plight upon Bush’s family.

    However- I find the right’s moral outrage pathetic. They’re bloodlusting assholes who regularly talk in their macho-man terms about killing pinkos and all of that shit. Honestly it’s high past time that those on the left such as the excellent writer at this blog stop paying attention to their counterparts (never peers) in the fever swamp of the right.

  15. I know this is going to get me flamed- I don’t want Bush to be assassinated because he’s a person with a family.

    Notice: Any comments flaming ElectricGrendel will be deleted.

  16. I’ll admit to not reading any comment guidelines before posting. But I’d sure like to know what possible guidelines I could have violated in my prior comment that it should be deleted. Or is there a software glitch of some sort? My tech skills consist mostly of flicking Bics at books and welding iron maidens to unchaste teenagers so I’m not exactly computer-savvy….

  17. But I’d sure like to know what possible guidelines I could have violated in my prior comment that it should be deleted.

    The guideliness are that I delete anything that annoys me. I expound on my philosophy of comment deletion here and here.

    Comment at your own risk.

  18. Two cents worth: since the favorite ploy of Bush supporters is projecting into others what they fail to own up to in themselves……I can’t help but wonder if Malkinites and other righties are gleeful about getting to fantazise about Bush’s demise…..under cover, that is, of focusing their fantasy urges onto Bush critics.

    He is, after all, a demonstrably lousy role model and an even worse leader…..wouldn’t lots of righties be exhausted trying to, uh, er, find ways to keep pretending positives about him in the face of the mountainous realities that just keep unmasking ‘His Decidership’s’ favorite spin/image?

    IMHO, it is the righties who are quick to consider death to others as a ‘cure’….it is the lefties who have deep enough principles that they would not want Bush or anyone else assassinated.
    Whatever…..this whole thing reminds me of child’s logic…..mad at parent, imagine the parent dying…..imagine the sympathy of the world after ‘parent dies’……most folks grow out of that kind of logic. The righties have probably not grown out of it, if their other positions are a clue…..but they have hidden themselves FROM THEMSELVES again and again by adopting projection.

  19. ElectricGrendel, I agree that spending time looking at and analyzing the fever swamp on the right is profoundly disturbing, and can distract us from progress by forcing us to react.

    But at the same time we cannot be unaware of what is going on over there, and be blindsided by dishonest accusations we were unprepared to deflect.

    Maha does us a service by putting her own attention to them so that the rest of us can comfortably read the summary if we want to. Since everything is sourced you can of course verify that her summary is a fair one.

    I deeply appreciate the thought that she puts into this, and the understanding that I gain from reading her words. My perspective may be different but we should all learn one another’s if we want to communicate.

  20. I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but I’d like to see Bush have his crotch invaded by a flesh eating staph infection. An invasion like Bush’s invasion of Iraq.. where the infection has no exit strategy. He’ll stand up..because he can’t sit down.

    I have no qualms in expressing my desire to see Bush suffer for the misery, the suffering, and pain he’s inflicted in so many lives.. He’s a liar from the pits of hell.

  21. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!ROFLMAO…”He’ll stand up…because he can’t sit down.”…Swami!Your a riot!!!!Worthy of more than one” !!!!!!!”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  22. My God, yall are so hateful.
    I could not stand bill clinton but I didn’t want him assasinated for God’s sake.
    Unlike the left, I support whoever is President, I may disagree with policy but don’t go on web-sites and make jokes about an assination. When JFK was killed I was in grammer school, 7th grade, and we were let out of school and I went home an cried.
    I just can’t get over all the hate on this site.

    I explicitly said I did NOT want the President assassinated.

    This is the kind of crap we get from righties. She got the link here from a right-wing blog and commented without actually reading what I wrote.

    Drewsmom is just a cell from the rightie hive mind.
    — maha

  23. Drewsmom…….Please do point out any [even a single one] example of anyone on this site ‘wanting him assasinated’ as you put it in your comment. For that matter, please point out any instances of ‘joking’ about such.
    Do you support a President who lies about Iraq and gets 2,639 of our soldiers into early graves because of those lies? Do you support a President who trashes the Constitution? Do you support a President who alienates the rest of the world, which isolates us from much needed alliances at a time when we need friends for mutual safety from terrorism?

    I am trying to figure out what you mean about disagreeing with policy while, at the same time, be ‘supporting’ the one making the policy.

    If you had bothered to read this post and the comments, you would have found that the folks here do not support Bush AND also do not want him assassinated. For me, I support the troops, and the rules of Constitutional law, and the notion of America being a real beacon in the world, instead of acting like a unilateral bully. To me, it would be awfully two-faced to ‘support’ someone whom I think is harming my country. I think you are seeing the disgust and despair some of us feel at the harm done by Bush to America…….that does not add up to hate, and that does not add up to wishing to see him dead by assassination. It surely does add up to wanting his awful influence to be stopped or reined in in democratic ways…..by electing Democrats who won’t roll over and play possum like the Republicans have done in the face of Bush’s taking America down the tubes.

  24. Donna, you have proved that you are all irrational. Most of the posts are making fun of Presidential assasination, and yes, most of you hate Bush so much you do even care about protection of our country …. we are not as stupid as you are suggesting .. yes, I am a conservative but when Clinton was President I supported him as my leader, I did not call him stupid, a left wing zealot and I never said he was taking us down the tube but I did not appeciate having to explain to my 11 year old what oral sex was as it was the topic in his school.
    No, I really don’t give a flip what France, Germany or any of the rest of the world thinks of us as we are the ones they come crying to when they need defending. Just look at the Brits are doing supporting this joke of a documentary, but I’ll not convince any of you how I feel, I just love my country and get tired of the BLAME AMERICA FIRST CROWD, I feel safe with Bush at the helm and shudder to think what would happen with any dem in office.
    By they way, my brother is in Iraq, on his 3rd re-enlistment and I love him very much,

  25. I feel safe with Bush at the helm

    Odd, when I was in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, I didn’t feel all that safe. While I was watching the World Trade Center collapse, Bush was in a classroom reading The Pet Goat.

    Dear pathetic Drewsmom, you think we don’t care about protecting our country? In fact, I oppose Bush because I care about protecting our country. My daughter rides New York City subways every day; I have a lot more reason to worry about terrorism than I suspect you do.

    Bush’s policies are putting us all in greater danger, not keeping us safe. Bush talks tough, but he has no idea what he is doing.

    You can’t read, you don’t think for yourself, and you call US irrational? If you want to see someone irrational, go look in a mirror.

  26. Maha,
    I wouldn’t worry too much about vapor boy….Like most gas, this too shall pass…He only has like 10 readers anyhow.
    Drew, I am guessing some in N.O felt safe also and look what that got them.The fact you trust government to make you “feel safe” speaks volumes.Why would you trust a government to protect you when they couldn’t stop the terrorists once already?.

    Newsflash rightie:The world has never been nor will ever be a safe place.Bush has made this more true than ever.Bush cannot protect you from life.He never has and he never will.If you are playing some mental game with yourself so you feel secure enough to go outside without wetting your pants in fear that is fine but don’t expect the world to share your mental handicap.

    Bush “cut and run” before finishing off bin laden, remember him? the guy who killed 3000 Americans on 911?Tall guy,long beard?Ring any bells?You should check YOUR thinking if cutting and running from a guy who attacked us once makes you feel “safer”

    How about WMD?We attacked a mid east nation un-provoked because they were such a threat with all their WMD.The presidents judgement was in total error and at a huge cost to this nation in lives and money…yet someone that flawed in judgement makes you feel safe???Does riding with a drunk make you feel safe also?

    I don’t think you have any room to comment about anyone elses conduct when yours seems to be lacking in any kind of reasoned judgement but instead your needs for a false sense of security.I would suggest you look at your fears.Terrorists win when you are controlled by fear and your need to feel protected.That is the only way they could destroy this country and you are playing right into it.

    And in general, righties need to pick a theme and stick to it.To anyone with a attention span longer then a male dog in heat they look like they are flip flopping when they talk about the left.Are we wimps who want to enter group therapy with terrorists or are we death cheering bloodlusting thugs?Are we “unhinged” mean people full of hate or are we peace loving hippies who just “don’t get” how the world really is?The right CAN’T have it both ways…

    I saw the word “hate” used by drew with regard to how some feel about bush.Perhaps someone should explain to drew that none of us have ever met the mad man so it is hard to hate someone we don’t even know.Hating policies of an administration ,however is easy and totally within my right as an American.For you to dare to question it is,in it self , Un American.I have an obligation to my country, not a king..You have that obligation also,please do us all a favor and start living up to it.

    People need to stop the paranoid frenzy of collecting plastic and duct tape long enough to THINK.Terrorists cannot take this country down.They can commit isolated acts but they cannot destroy the constitution.They cannot overthrow our government.And they won’t need to.Righties will piss their pants until we have no constitutional rights and we will go to war until we are totally bankrupt and they will have won by letting us destroy ourselves…Nothing we do can stop the terrorists,, Cheney has said 100 times “it isn’t if but when we are attacked again” …that means he cannot stop it from happening again no matter what country we invade.I am amazed you feel so safe when a vp tells you flat out “the terrorists are gonna get ya!,boo!, we can’t stop them” What drugs do you take to make that equal feeling safe?Yikes.What has happened to our country.Our founding fathers must be so ashamed of the bed wetting right.

  27. Drew, do you also have to explain why children are dying in Iraq?Or do you hide those images from him and tell him only the bad guys are dying?
    NO WMD drew, it was all a lie.How was Iraq a threat to our constitution drew?If you have family in Iraq as I do, you know the oath our troops took.It is to protect and defend the constitution.How drew, do you explain that saddam, who didn’t even have a warplane, was a threat to our constitution to your children? Read the oath drew.It is sad you support using the troops but you don’t even seem to know what they are suppose to be used for.

  28. Well, Drewsmom had the courage of her convictions to come over here and beard us evil ones, but she apparently can’t think, can’t prioritize what’s important from what’s not, doesn’t read before she criticizes, and leaves without bothering to find out who really lives here. She would prefer to hold onto her fantasies. I’ve known a lot of people like her.

  29. “I feel safe with Bush at the helm”
    Then you are not paying attention .He drives the country the way Luke and Duke Hazzard drove the General Lee
    “I did not appreciate having to explain to my 11 year old what oral sex was”
    Dear lady, if you had to explain oral sex to an 11 year old boy, you must be home schooling him.(or you keep him safe in the basement).I speak as a parent, kids know far more than you imagine.
    Besides, it was “the liberal media” that broadcast that nonsense night after night, and the Newt Gingrich “Patriots”(parrots?) who made sure we all saw the dirt at dinnertime every stinkin’ night. Thank them for your son’s corruption and your embarrassment.Clinton did a dumb thing, but his enemies did something far worse.
    “I don’t give a flip what France, Germany, or the rest of the world….”
    Good for you!That’s because Americans are the greatest and we’re special in God’s eyes, Right? Have a look at a globe sometime, there is a lot more real estate on the planet besides the U.S.A., and a whole lot more people too.America is loosing ground as an economic power and leading nation fast, courtesy of the Bush administration and inspite of the goodness of the “American people”.
    Ignorance is bliss indeed!The myth of the surrender monkies lives on.Did you know the Statue of Liberty is a gift from the French?
    Friends can disagree but still remain friends.The French did not support Bush on his invasion and occupation of Iraq because they got their asses kicked in a similar situation in both Algeria and in Viet Nam during their colonial period, but who needs history…. Can you imagine being married to a guy that tells you he is the greatest constantly and says” you’re either with me or against me” all of the time?
    You’d think he was nuts, wouldn’t you?
    “I love my country and get tired of the BLAME AMERICA FIRST CROWD”
    Then you are visiting the wrong site. This is the “Blame the Bush administration and its’ brain dead supporters first” crowd.
    Geography is not the blame, nor is the Constitution.The administration IS. The administration exhibits traits of a fascist dictatorship, which should concern all patriotic Americans, both left, right , and center.
    ” By the way, my brother is in Iraq on his 3rd re-enlistment, am
    and I love him very much”
    A common thread of the host and commentors at this site is respect for our military, but NOT WORSHIP OF MILITARISM.
    Furthemore, we do not want to squander the lives of or fellow Americans to enrich defense contractors or further the goals of the neoconservative movement.Support the troops, bring them home NOW!! I hope your brother gets back safe and real soon.Having a third tour in Iraq is more than anyone should have to bear. Why aren’t the sons and daughters of our glorious leaders “serving”? Bush has 2 children of military age, his brother Jeb has 3, Cheney has at least 1 (that he knows of!).They have “other priorities”.
    No one should go through 3 tours of hell.Our leaders don’t care so long as the troops can be used as a back drop for speeches.
    I know 3 women with the exact mind set you have, they are all lovely, sweet ladies (as I’m sure you are) that I have known for years. My advice to you is what I’ve told them, open your eyes and throw off the fear.
    Your chance of getting killed driving is way higher than dying in a terrorist attack, but Bush’s policies and belligerence are making us way less safe and will destroy our country from within.

  30. The guideliness are that I delete anything that annoys me. I expound on my philosophy of comment deletion here and here.

    Comment at your own risk.

    Comment by maha — August 31, 2006 @ 5:58 pm

    Was my post deleted because it annoyed you or because it offended your “philosophy of comment deletion”? Or both? You asked a question, which I answered seriously and with zero snark, zero profanity but with a self-deprecating closer that was meant to humorously convey my biases. That’s it. Did the seriousness of my response to your — um — humorous post strike a nerve, thus offending you? Why even have comments if the standard deviation allowed from your ideological mean is not significantly different from zero? Other than to lap up a steady stream of “atta’ boy!” and “you said it soooo much better than I ever could”, that is…and heaven forfend (can I say that here?) a dribbling of mustard stain the ideological purity of the spotless white hairshirt of the American Resistance.

    Of course, the ability to see my comment would allow a more informed conversation but I’ve fallen out of the habit of saving them as most of the blogs I frequent have just a tad bit more stringent comment deletion policies.

  31. OK, Tongueboy, I apologize for deleting your comment. As I recall you believed the assassination of President Bush would give encouragement to the terrorists and somehow harm the economy. Certainly the terrorists would be mightily encouraged if Dick Cheney became President, because he’s the one who’s been guiding foreign policy all along by following Osama bin Laden’s playbook. As I’ve said before, with Cheney and Rumsfeld running things you might as well invite al Qaeda into the Pentagon to join our tactical team. But the rest of it made no sense. President Kennedy was assassinated at a critical time in the Cold War and I don’t remember any effect on the economy. I took the comment out because it was dumb and I didn’t have time to respond to it.

    If you want to repeat the comment in full go ahead, but the other commenters will make fun of you. And I won’t stop them.

  32. Everything they said was wrong. There was no WMD. They did not greet us with flowers. They said we would need few troops to secure the country. They said we could do it on the cheap and that Iraqi oil would pay for it. They said if we fight them over there we won’t have to fight them over here, let’s ask the British and the Spanish how that’s worked out for them. Sure looks to me like we still have to fight them over here too. They created the dept of homeland security to protect us in case another disaster strikes. It wasn’t a terrorist attack without any notice, it was Katrina which we all watched days in advance and they were completely unprepared. You think they’ll do any better with a terrorist attack? They said that invading Iraq would cow the belligerents in the middle east and there would be peace. Doesn’t look like Iraq, Syria, or the Palestinians are cowed to me. They said that invading Iraq would stablize oil prices, that hasn’t worked out too well either. I could go on and on and include other foreign disasters and domestic disasters. They have been wrong about EVERYTHING and yet drewsmom feels safer…

    I miss that peace and prosperity of the Clinton administration, as well as competence and policy over politics. I felt much safer when Democrats were actively trying to thwart terrorist attacks instead of Smirky McDumbass ignoring PDBs that say Bin Laden determined to attack in US.

  33. By the way, maha. I can’t stand Bush and have to change the channel if his smirking chimpanzee face is on the tv. My youngest son quite obviously noticed and asked if I thought things would be better in the US if he were dead…he didn’t ask if I wanted him assasinated, just dead, accident or whatever. My answer was your number one, nope Cheney would be in charge. For my husband and I, Bush is a source of deep shame in much the same way that Natalie Maines expressed it. We are confounded on how the stupidest man in the country managed to become president for two terms and are ashamed that many of our fellow citizens could vote blindly because he has an R after his name on the ballot. He’s and the rest of the Republicans have been wrong, wrong, wrong, about everything…the only reason to vote for them is because Republican voters are too stubborn to find facts and truth and admit that they have been devastating failures for this country.

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