Canada Probably Doesn’t Want Us, Anyway

This seems a good time to plug Bill Scher’s new book, Wait! Don’t Move to Canada!. Bill is the very smart guy who runs Liberal Oasis. You might have caught him on Tucker Carlson’s show on MSNBC last night. You probably didn’t, because I can’t imagine many of you actually watch Tucker, but maybe some of you do. (If so, why? I’m sure you could find a Law & Order rerun if you flipped channels.)

In the last post I wrote that it’s time to decide if the nation is salvageable or not. Lots of people have decided it isn’t. As I said, these people may be right. But if you think it’s too late to fight, then please step out of the way. Some of us haven’t given up yet.

Wait! Don’t Move! is a handbook for liberals who want to fight but aren’t sure how. Thankfully, Bill moves beyond cheery little checklists reminding you to write your congressperson. Suggestions for action are presented within a Big Picture framework. It’s not just about defeating Republicans, but about making America safe for liberalism again. Throughout, Bill challenges readers to be clear about what we want. Instead of just reacting to the Republican agenda, we should be showing the nation an alternative way to look at issues. We should fight from a position of clarity and purpose rather than defensiveness. We should not, for example, try to counter the Religious Right with our own public displays of religiosity, but instead promise to preserve religious liberty by keeping government out of religion.

And, anyway, if we cede the U.S. to Republicans, sooner or later they’ll invade Canada. Might as well stop them here.

9 thoughts on “Canada Probably Doesn’t Want Us, Anyway

  1. What can be more soothing, at once to a man’s Pride, and to his Conscience, than the conviction that, in taking vengeance on his enemies for injustice done him, he has simply to do them justice in return? — Poe

  2. Hey Maha…

    Yopu mean: “Let’s fight ’em here so we don’t have to fight ’em there”?

    That sounds familiar…Sort of…

  3. “And, anyway, if we cede the U.S. to Republicans, sooner or later they’ll invade Canada. Might as well stop them here.”

    We’re already starting to have some problems with the religious right up here, so please keep fighting down there!

  4. A Canadian Reader: Sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with all the renegade ‘Murkans crossing the border into Canada.

    (If we cross the border into Saskatchewan, would that make us “wheatbacks”?)

  5. This is OUR country, we must never, ever…concede. As long as we have brave people like MAHA that are willing to share their voice and opinions with the rest of US. They (the RIGHT who are actually WRONG) will never win. They cannot control our minds (at least not yet).

  6. “Sooner or later they’ll invade Canada”
    Well, the oil sands in Alberta may be tempting, but by that time the military will be comprised of a couple of boy scout troops, so Canada need not wory. The Bushies have bigger plans…
    On to Central Asia, Pipelineistan, Oilpumpistan, and beyond to the Caucausus. They’ll provide aid and weapons to the Kurdish rebels in Turkey and Iran, by the time 2008 rolls around, we’ll be so stinkin far in the hole it won’t be funny. Meanwhile, the Chinese are securing their future energy needs and ports around the globe.South America is becoming a cohesive entity, and Russia is conducting serious war games.The future is indeed interesting.
    The Bush regime will go far, and the sooner the better.
    “Toy soldiers and Bush is gunning
    We’re finally on our own
    This fall we hear the drumming
    More dead from O-Hi-O
    Got to get down to it
    Politicians are cutting them down
    Should have been done long ago…..
    More dead from O-Hi-O…….”

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