7 thoughts on “Facing a Dying Nation

  1. Aw, hell and damnation and a lot of stronger, nastier words.

    The Bush administration has absolutely no concept of a competence based appointment, apparently. I mean, there are jobs where going along with policy is necessary… but there are a hell of a lot more where the most important thing is competence.

    Being a lawyer is one of those things. Of course, this is an administration where Bush tried to slip his personal lawyer into the Supreme Court.

  2. Please, please, please!
    Explain to those idiots it’s pronounced “Ir-rac
    Not Eye-raq. If they want war with a country, at least learn how to say the damned name correctly, ‘course they both most likely say eye-talian also. I hope no more idiots from the south are voted into power, Jeesh, they’re ignorant.

  3. I hope no more idiots from the south are voted into power, Jeesh, they’re ignorant

    There’s some places in the North with pretty damn low IQ averages, too.

  4. Yeah, dummies like Clinton or Carter — who, though I didn’t always find myself in agreement with either of them, are certainly the two most intellectually gifted presidents we’ve had in my lifetime — and both came from the South.

  5. Actually, “Idiots from the south” as opposed to idiots from the north. I’m not saying all southeners are dumb.I was refering to those two clowns in the video and the current bunch of God’s chosen in the republican south.Think Katherine Harris & co. She said Bill Nelson is not “Christian enough”,and keeps sticking her foot in it while her true base laps it up with gusto.

  6. She said Bill Nelson is not “Christian enough”

    Bill Nelson was Christian enough to vote yes for the torture bill.

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